Exploring Exterior Paint Types | Transform Your Home's Facade

Exploring Exterior Paint Types | Transform Your Home's Facade

Exterior Paints:

Exterior Paints are of real importance as they grant a new and fresh look to the outside of the home and it makes it look really nice. When it comes to the selection of the correct exterior paint for your house you really need to select the best paint according to the exterior and the location of your home. Also the requirements you have to vary the paint kind. The paint kind may also depend upon your budget yours. But it is recommended to use the best quality products for the painting of your home because the painting of the exterior of the home will not take place every now and then. It is a long term investment and therefore the products must be chosen wisely. With so many brands and types of house paint on the market today, it can be confusing to know where to start when choosing paint for a new project. Despite the hundreds of paint cans lining the wall at your home improvement store, there are essentially two kinds of paint: oil-based and water-based. However, you will also find primers, enamels, acrylics, and many others. Here are descriptions of different kinds of exterior paints from Asian paints which differ from each other in terms of gloss, sheen, durability, price and many more aspects so let us have a look at each one of them.

Types ofExterior Painitng

  • Apex Ultima Protek
  • Apex Ultima
  • Apex Weatherproof Emulsion
  • Ace Exterior Emulsion

Now we will discuss the above-mentioned paints in detail and let us now see what benefit each painting has in itself and how does each differ from one other.

Starting with,

1. Apex Ultima Protek:

It is an exterior paint that is basically based upon the concept of nanotechnology and as the name suggests, it keeps the wall protected from various things like algae, fungus, and moisture and thus keeping the walls safe from problems like blistering or peeling of paint from the walls. It comes with a ten and five-year durability and waterproofing warranty respectively. The properties that make it distinguished from other paints are that it has the quality that it can be cleaned with ease and hence you can make it look fresh for a long period of time. Ultima Protek comes with a feature of protecting the walls with water penetration and helps the paint not to get faded away. Ultima Protek film has significantly higher elongation and comes with unique fibre reinforcement thereby offering a unique crack bridging ability of up to 2mm. Ultima Protek has a special feature that it is environment friendly because the composition of this paint consists of heavy metals and many other things which are confirmed with the GS-11 standards. In the case of Base Coat, 1 self-priming coat of Protek will cover 60 square feet per litre and 1 protective undiluted coat of Protek will cover 50 to 55 square feet per litre. However, Top Coat, it will cover 55 to 65 square feet per litre for 2 coats. For every 1 litre of Apex Ultima Protek Topcoat, you need to apply approximately 2 litres of Basecoat. Price: Rs. 460 per litre.

2. Apex Ultima:

It is an exterior water-based paint with silicon additives that looks after protecting your walls from the algae and also provides a high-performance exterior wall finish. Apart from providing a high-performance exterior wall finish it also gives you a warranty of 7 years. The special thing about the apex ultima is that the high-performance colour technology protects the walls against ultraviolet radiations. That helps in the colour not fading off in the former years and hence making your home look really nice for a long period of time. Designed with a unique Dirt Pick Up Resistance (DPUR) property that fights dust from settling on the walls, helping them retain the initial beauty. The excellent sheen that the paint provides makes it feel like that your home is newly painted even after years of the paint job and hence making it feel all new and fresh all the time. The paint covers 55 - 65 square feet per litre for 2 coats. The paint lasts for about 7-8 years on average. It costs about Rs. 1200 for a 4-litre bucket.

3. Apex Weatherproof Emulsion:

Apex weatherproof emulsion is a type of exterior paint offered by Asian paints. As the name suggests it has the benefit that it retains throughout all the seasons because of additional silicon covering over the paint that helps the paint to be ready for all the changing seasons, be it summers or the rains. The paint will stay as it is and will not fade away with changing seasons. The paint is water-based paint and is a modified acrylic paint. This paint is formulated in a special way to withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat. Because it can withstand all the seasons, therefore, it has excellent resistance to the growth of algae and fungi on the walls which helps and protects the walls from the dirty spots over the walls which may occur due to the presence of algae or fungi over the walls. This is all because of the silicon protecting layer that is present over the wall. Also, the silicon covering over the paint also helps the wall to be protected against the UV rays that may degrade the walls and fade the colour of the walls. Not only this, but it also provides a range of shades to choose from. Apex weatherproofing emulsion provides you with somewhat around 1700 shades to choose from and make your home look the best. Apex Weatherproof Emulsion covers 50 - 60 square feet in 1 litre of paint for a minimum of 2 coats. Price: Rs. 4300 for 20 litres.

4. Ace Exterior Emulsion:

Ace exterior emulsion is an exterior paint that is ideal for the season between that of dry and moderately humidity. The ace exterior emulsion is water-based paint. This paint has silicon additives in it thus preventing the outer surface of the wall to get dirty by dust particles etc. and also making it algae and fungus free. This water-based paint offers excellent resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering in comparison to cement paint. This paint is acrylic and thus keeps it bind to the wall, and thus ensuring that it has a long life, longer than that of cement paint. Now because it stays for a longer time as compared to the cement paint therefore we can conclude that it is a paint that saves money and therefore is economical in nature. It does not require curing and therefore saves time, effort and money during application.The ace exterior emulsion is available in around 1600 shades which are really attractive and they do not fade away so soon as compared to the cement paint. Also, this paint has a special feature that because of the silicon additives it does not allows the fungus or the algae to get on the wall and thus ruin its beauty. However, it provides better anti-algal protection than cement paint especially in dry to moderately humid climatic conditions. It covers 50 - 60 square feet in 1 litre of paint for a minimum of 2 coats. Price: Rs. 140 for a litre.

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So this was about the different kinds of exterior paints that are there with the Asian paints. You can select the best-suited paint for your home and as per your budget. But we do suggest that you select the best quality paint for the exterior of your home because paint job is done once in a while and it is a long term investment and therefore you must not at that time think about the budget because you can rise it for now and thus you can save you expenses later.

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