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Deep Cleaning

Interior House Deep Cleaning Service!


  • Cleaning of bedrooms and living areas.
  • Walls, Windows, Doors, Fans and all other fixtures cleaning.
  • All types of furniture are properly dusted.
  • Interior glass and mirrors cleaning.
  • Floors are scrubbed by polisher machine.


  • Tiles and walls are thoroughly scrubbed with specialized machines.
  • Cleaning of fixtures like toilet-bowl, sink, shower and bath-tub.
  • Exhaust fans, lights, switchboards and mirrors are properly cleaned.


  • Tiles, walls, ceiling & kitchen platform are scrubbed thoroughly with specialized machines.
  • Cleaning of gas stove, electrical appliances and chimney.
  • Cleaning of fixtures like fans, lights.
  • Utility areas associated with kitchen are also cleaned properly.

Additional Cleaning

  • Sofa and carpet are vacuumed.
  • Balconies & utility areas cleaning.
  • Add on services of wall shampooing, sofa shampooing, carpet shampooing available on request.

Exterior House Deep Cleaning Service!

Included Things

  • Exterior walls cleaning which improves the house life significantly.
  • Veranda and surrounding area cleaning.
  • Parking area.
  • Outside windows and doors from outside.
  • Exterior glass cleaning.
  • Power washing exterior wall surface.
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