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House Exterior Texture Designs

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More about Exterior Wall Texture

Exterior Texture is basically a art done on walls using different type of paint products. You can easily touch and feel it. Exterior Texture as the name suggest, it is done on exterior walls of house. It is mainly rough so that it can prevent walls from heavy rain, cracks etc.

House Wallpaper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can we use Royale Play for exterior surface?

No, we can’t use Royale play for exterior walls. For exterior walls we must use Exterior texture products which are available from Asianpaints like, Duratex, pebbletex or products from Birla exterior putty, JK wall putty and paint over it.

What are the different options in Exterior texture?

Exterior texture is created with powder-based compounds and tools like blades, compressors. The most trending exterior texture patterns are Rainfall, horizontal, vertical, Criss cross, Bubble, pebbles, sand stone and recently many rollers based floral patterns are also in trend.