WallFashions or Stencils are Asian Paint Specific Designs, Arts, mix of Stencils, Innovative pre-defined ready to use Designs, available in variety of colors and combinations.
Our Standard Procedure
Pre-requisites – Wall surface should have already prepared for painting i.e. Get Putty Done. Base Coat – After Sanding, if needed paint with the base coat paint as given in design or you can choose your own base color. Normally Asian Paint Royale is used for base coat. Design Coat – This is core of WallFashion where actual design is painted on the wall, with color chosen or with standard design listed color, Few Designs Need two coat of paint as well.
Cost Per Wall Design We charge per square feet basis for a normal wall which includes Labour, Material, Artist Charge, Stencil Charges, Cleaning etc. Refer FAQ if you have further questions on procedure, paints, customization etc. To get exact cost Please Contact Support@colourdrive.com or reach us @at +91-9014182316
Please have a look at our recent Stencil Work which we have done recenty - Recent Work


Wheels Of Fortune RS. 65/Sq Ft

Water Lily RS. 65/Sq Ft

Unity In Harmony RS. 55/Sq Ft

Tranquil Lagoon RS. 55/Sq Ft

Summer Bloom RS. 50/Sq Ft

Spring Diaries RS. 55/Sq Ft

Rich Tapestry RS. 50/Sq Ft

Reflection RS. 45/Sq Ft

Polka Dots RS. 70/Sq Ft

Pigeon Net RS. 70/Sq Ft

North Start RS. 60/Sq Ft

Nascent Corolla RS. 50/Sq Ft

Musical Rhythm RS. 50/Sq Ft

Morning Raga RS. 50/Sq Ft

Modern Mercator RS. 50/Sq Ft

Metropolitan Skies RS. 60/Sq Ft

Mechatronics RS. 50/Sq Ft

Lotus Stencil RS. 60/Sq Ft

Kaleidescope RS. 50/Sq Ft

Imperial Crest RS. 50/Sq Ft

Honey Harvest RS. 50/Sq Ft

Gypsy Beads RS. 50/Sq Ft

Glory Glow RS. 50/Sq Ft

Garder of Privacy RS. 50/Sq Ft

French Riviera RS. 50/Sq Ft

Floral Fusion RS. 50/Sq Ft

Endless Symphony RS. 50/Sq Ft

Eastern Ornaments RS. 50/Sq Ft

Dreams of Paradise RS. 55/Sq Ft

Diamante Dust RS. 55/Sq Ft

Devotional RS. 50/Sq Ft

Coconut Tree RS. 50/Sq Ft

Buds and Blossoms RS. 50/Sq Ft

Bon-Appetit RS. 50/Sq Ft

Baker Street RS. 60/Sq Ft

Stencil_22 RS. 50/Sq Ft

Stencil_21 RS. 42/Sq Ft

Stencil_18 RS. 50/Sq Ft

Stencil_15 RS. 50/Sq Ft

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