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Types of Wall Stencil Categories


Border stencils can be used to add a scenery-like aesthetic to the walls and ceiling of a room. It is available in patterns such as flower, lace, Victorian and ribbon borders etc.

The furniture placed in the living room can be given the look of a landscape painting by confining it to a border stencil pattern border.

Rising wave patterns on the side walls of the stairs can be decorated using border stencils.


The flower pattern design on the corners of the ceiling and the edge outline can be decorated using classy creeper stencil designs.

On the other hand, glow paint can be used to paint Victorian or ribbon border stencil patterns for the outline of the ceiling chandelier, giving a wonderful glimpse of coloured light in the dark. You can use the border stencil pattern to decorate the walls and ceiling with a base coat of light colour and contrast coloured paint of your choice.

All Over Stencils

All-over stencils can be used for decorating bedrooms, and living rooms. It is available in various patterns like polka dots, foliage, north star, rich tapestry, wheels of fortune, grapevine, minarets, and water lilies.

You can use a metallic paint for a stencil pattern wall as it creates a glamorous and shiny appearance, which reflects elegance and classic decor for your home interior design. Use this painting style for the kid's room and let their imagination fly beyond the sky.

Twinkling stars all over the stencil pattern can be used for decorating kid's room walls by painting base coats in blue colour and the star pattern stencil design can be highlighted by silver colour metallic paint.

Nature Stencils

The nature-inspired stencil pattern creates soothing and aromatherapy effects for the mind and body. The musical environment of nature helps the mind to be free from worries. Now by using the Nature Wall Stencil Pattern on the wall of the room, you can feel like relaxing in the lap of nature.

These types of stencil patterns include tree stencil, wine stencil, flower stencil, leaves stencil, butterfly stencil, bird stencil, and fruit stencil. It is suitable for the walls of a bedroom, living room, hall, or guest room to create an environment like being in the lap of nature.

While using stencil patterns influenced by nature, special attention should be paid to the base paint coating of the walls, such as flying birds, brown and olive green trees, and grapes vine pattern stencils that reflect the natural beauty effect of the sky blue base wall paint coating. you can highlight these nature-inspired patterns with Black, violet, dark green, bright pink, or yellow colours.

Similarly, for using stencils with patterns of trees, butterflies, and flowers, painting the wall base coat with sky blue and lemon yellow or Light green (Dhani colour) colour paint would be a good idea, as these colours are suitable for highlighting all kinds of nature-inspired patterns with dark contrast colours on the wall's surface.

Geometric Stencil

Playing with geometric zigzag shapes and solving puzzles, making shapes of objects with blocks of different geometric shapes has been a fun game in our childhood days. Now an array of geometrical shapes and wall stencil patterns are available for decorating your interior wall surface. You can live once again in your childhood memory and play a fun game by rearranging and embossing wall stencil geometric patterns.

A range of different sizes and types of geometric-shaped wall stencil designs include circles, frames, jigsaw, medley, honey harvest, endless symphony, etc.

Using these stencil patterns you can add images by mixing geometric wall stencils and nature wall stencils and create your own space of comfort, whether it is your living room, bedroom, or kid’s room.

Frame Pattern Geometric stencils can be used in combination with nature stencil patterns, such as flower pattern stencils. The use of frame pattern stencils for the outlining of a design can give the original look of a framed painting hanging on the wall.

Similarly, using tree patterned Nature Wall Stencils with Honey Harvest Stencil Designs, the illusion of a real bee hive in a tree can be created through painting on the walls. The pleasure of drawing shapes can now be taken on walls by using geometric wall stencils.

Ethnic Wall Stencils

Ethnic wall stencils are inspired by traditional artifacts, cultural heritage objects of everyday use, etc. These types of stencil patterns include zari work designs, paisley, lotus, bell, diya, damask work on silk sarees, gypsy beads inspired by African tribal tradition, etc.

Walls adorned with this type of stencil wall motifs show the association with cultural tradition. To embellish the walls with your traditional artwork, base coating the paint on the wall with dark bright colours and paint the wall stencil design with light colours, or contrast colours.

Ethnic wall stencil diya, bell pattern can be used on the walls of the place of worship, kaleidoscope pattern can be used in the living room, brocade, damask, zari pattern can be used in the bedroom.

Theme Wall Stencils

Wall stencil designs can be used for theme-based decoration of the home. The theme of your choice can be selected from the range of wall stencil patterns depending on the usage of the room. Theme-based wall stencils range includes Music lovers, technology, kitchen, geography, travelers, decorative items etc. Music enthusiasts can choose from raga theme wall stencil patterns for their rooms, potluck, bon appetit stencil for dining room, emotion themes for newly married couples, reflection themes for makeup rooms, and cartoon-based theme stencils for kid's room walls can be done.

By painting the walls of your children's room with theme wall stencils according to their interest, the artist inside them can be made a reality. Nature-oriented kid’s rooms can be decorated with Safari, Birds on Branch wall, imaginative natured kids room with a mermaid theme, cartoon character friend's room with Donald Duck, Mickey and Mouse theme wall stencils. You can amaze your kids by decorating the room of their choice.

More about Wall Stencil Painting

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  • Well-designed concepts
  • Glossy edges
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  • Simple unwanted weight
  • For design painting minimum area charged will be 100 sqft.
  • Standard rates are applicable for bangalore only. It may vary for other cities.

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Stencil Painting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is stencil painting?

Stencils are the new category of wall design ideas. Here the patterns are created using the paint and the stencils which are cut as per the customer choice.

How is it different from Texture paint?

Texture is created using the Royale play paint, which is totally different and Stencils are created using Royale Luxury with base as Premium emulsion or Roayle Luxury.

Can we choose any design for stencils?

Yes, customer can choose any desired design. We are using CNC based laser cutting technology to cut the stencils. So, any design can be painted on the wall as per customer choice.

Where can we choose the Stencil designs?

Customers can choose stencil patterns from the catalogues available from Asianpaints. If they are not finding right options we do suggest to choose from online platforms like Google, Pinterest where whole lot of options are available.

How durable are stencil paint?

Stencils paints are highly durable as they are created using the Asian paints Royale paint or Apcolite Emulsion as base. It generally lasts 6-8 years with no additional maintenance.

How do you make wall stencils?

Creating stencils involves tracing or cutting designs onto durable materials like Mylar. These stencils are then used with paint for wall decoration and artistic designs.

What is the cost of stencils?

The cost of stencils can vary widely based on size, complexity, and material. They can range from a few dollars for basic designs to higher prices for intricate or custom-made stencils.

How do you hand stencil a wall?

Clean the wall, secure stencil with painter's tape, apply paint evenly, lift the stencil once dry, repeat for desired design.

What is the best way to stencil a wall?

Clean wall, secure stencil, apply paint evenly with a roller or brush, lift stencil carefully, repeat for desired design coverage.

What is wall stencil design?

A wall stencil design is a template with cut-out patterns or images used with paint to create decorative elements on walls.

Which Colour is used for stencil?

.The colour used for stenciling depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Typically, contrasting or complementary colours are chosen for visual impact.

What is the best stencil to use?

The best stencil depends on your project. Durable materials like Mylar offer precision, while adhesive stencils ease application on surfaces.