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More About Home Exterior Painting

But nevertheless, Exterior Painting is more really difficult as compared to what it looks. Which means that it happens to be with great pleasure that many Household painters make up your mind that it is now time to hire an Exterior Painting Services to seek the services of the job. Let us really know what painting Exterior Painting Company do, would you like to hire them? ... Tips sharing by ColourDrive.

Standard Procedure:

>Exterior repainting procedure: Exterior repainting procedure includes exterior wall cleaning by jet machine, crack filling by Dr. Fixit then one coat of exterior primer followed by two coat of paint.
Exterior fresh painting procedure: Exterior fresh painting procedure includes one coat of exterior primer and two coat of paint.

What Is Actually an Exterior Painting Services company?

An Exterior Painting contractor can work as a sub-Exterior Paint Colours company, or sub-contractor, under a general Residential Exterior Painting contractor , or can retain the services of itself out directly to the owner of the house. For the most part, the painting contractor is a relatively smaller sized operation, ranging from the one-man exceptional proprietor up to 25 or 45 painters doing work for an insignificant company.

What Will ColourDrive Do?

Virtually all painting contractors will take on any kind of profession, from merely painting you are your window trim to a full-house paint profession. But let us believe that they are painting them your exterior. You can actually usually expect to have from ColourDrive :

  • Coverage of all destinations that will be multi-colored, including floors, residential windows, kitchen space counters, storage units, etc.
  • Inconsequential surface getting prepared prior to repainting, which means illuminate sanding and scraping away do will manage to win paint, tapping in a few overhanging nails, cleaning off woodworking, with the use of sackcloth in some areas. The important thing here is “minor,” as the service provider will assume that the accommodate is mostly in Exterior Fresh Painting overall condition.
  • Reduction of electrical plates, equipment and lighting, doors, and other obstructions.
  • Moving accessories away for better access to the elements to be painted. This is such really a painter’s job, which means you would need to confirm this, in the beginning, such as Painting The Outside Of Your House. Priming new drywall or alternatively the current paint with an exterior latex primer.
  • Not one but two colour coats of exterior furnishing latex paint on the walls.
  • Two or three coats of ceiling paint. Painting on the trim and molding (baseboards, windowpane accessories, window mentions, etc .).
  • Touchups of greatly noticed spots.
  • Cleanups for unpleasant incidents ( no matter how good the payment or reimbursement with drop-cloths, a handful of drips will happen).
  • A final evaluation between Express Exterior Painting foreman and home-owner.

Our exterior house painting procedure

Our first and fore mostly priority is to always make sure we don’t totally affect your day. During the time you book your painting on the job, our immediate down line will set up a get in touch with before your assignment date to go over all suggestions:

  • Confirm demonstrate colour and suggestions,
  • Ask the prospective cardholder to move patio home furnishings and potted plants, and
  • Respond to the questions you have about your repainting project.

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Exterior Painting Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the procedure you follow in exterior painting?

Firstly we clean the surface, fill the cracks with Dr.Fixit or Asian Paints Crack filler apply a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. If we are using top end products i.e. weather coat paints we might have to use base coat instead of normal exterior cement primer as per the guidance.

How much water or solvent do you add to paint for dilution?

We are a start-up and customer trust or feedbacks are very important for our growth. We follow the dilution percentage as recommended by the brands on their website or product buckets. We ensure quality job as we are providing service Warranty too for the jobs executed. If any doubts or problem during the execution of the work, clients can contact company or SPOC at any point of time. We would be happy to assist.

There are leakages or dampness in many places on exterior surface how can it be corrected?

We check for any seepages or leakages and check if waterproofing treatment required for the surface. If there are minor air cracks we treat it with Acrylic crack fillers. If there are evidently big cracks and water seepage problem exists we first treat it with Acrylic crack fillers and then apply 3 coats of water proofing membrane we avoid any water logging in in future.

How do you treat the Mangalore tiles or floor tiles and Claddings that are installed on exterior of the building?

For Mangalores tiles and floor tiles we have a new product from Asian paints known as Asian paints Apex tile guard. It is a water-based product and can we used on tiles which give a new trendy look, there are wide range of colour options, Terracotta being commonly used to retain natural look. For stone cladding we can varnish them with a solvent based Transparent tile-guard after cleaning the surface with chemical water to enhance the look.

Do you also have Waterproofing Treatment for RCC terrace?

Yes, we do RCC terrace waterproofing treatment too. We use the products that have membrane which blocks water particles to seep in the surface for longer period of time. Firstly, we cleaning surface and remove algae/fungus and dust particles from surface with help of pressure washer and Wire brush. Then we apply crack filler or cement-based fillers to fill the gaps and make the surface ready for waterproofing treatment. Then we apply a coat of primer or Prime seal coating and follow with 3 coats of waterproof membrane coating in the recommended pattern. Drying period of 3-4hrs is recommended between each coating. We also offer 2 years warranty for the waterproofing treatment.

Do you have any Solution to reduce temperature of the roof top?

Yes, we also deal with Temperature absorbent treatment. It is a 2 days procedure where we apply 3 coats of Preferred with high SRI Index i.e., the products which reflects back the sun rays or Mostly UV radiations from the surface of the rooftop by blocking heat to penetrate through the surface. The application procedure is simple roller based and cost effective too. The products are mostly available in White to light grey shades. It also acts as a partial waterproofing material too.

How will you manage with the surrounding buildings and garden areas while painting exterior ?

We cover the floor and compound area with plastic sheets/covers before cleaning or painting the surface. We also move the pots in garden and terrace area before painting to ensure it’s not damaged.

How about safety measures while painting exteriors?

All our painters risks during the work will be borne by Colourdrive. We strictly follow all safety precautions like industry standard safety belts, Polyester Ropes. If the work sites requires scaffolding , either it must be arranged by the customers or will be charged additional as per actuals.