Step-by-Step Guide: Exterior Painting Process Unveiled

Step-by-Step Guide: Exterior Painting Process Unveiled

While painting the exterior walls of the house, it is necessary to take certain precautions. To avoid paint splatter falling on the ground plastic sheet /drop sheet is needed and common materials like scaffolding and ladders to make the exterior painting job easier. It is essential for painting professionals to wear eye protection glasses and a mask. With all these basic preparations, now let's see the process of painting the exterior of your house.

Pre Painting Process

  • Inspect for water leaks on the walls.
  • Cracks are common on the surface of exterior walls, so if cracks are seen, repair the cracks with a mix of powder or cement and sand. Then start painting work only when the repaired surface is completely dry.
  • Inspect all drainage pipes inside the walls of the house. If rust or leaks are suspected, then repair them.

Surface Preparation For Painting

  • Start the process of painting after the plaster of the newly constructed building has dried for about 45 days.
  • When painting an old constructed building, thoroughly clean the surface of the walls to remove dust particles, grease, or oil stains from the exterior paint. With this, the finishing of the paint will be good as well as it makes the paint last longer on the surface.
  • Clean the surface containing fungus or algae with a steel wire brush and water. After this, add 10% bleaching powder to the bucket of water and mix it well. Then apply the prepared liquid to the affected surface with a paintbrush or sponge. let the surface dry completely.
  • If the surface of the walls was previously painted with oil paint, then it is necessary to completely remove the paint with sandpaper.
  • After scrubbing the cement paint already done on the concrete surface of exterior walls with a steel wire brush, rinse thoroughly with water, and do not use paint until it dries.
  • If the exterior walls are to be painted in the rainy season, it is necessary to leave the walls in the sun for two to three days before painting, so that the moisture is completely removed from the surface of the walls.

Exterior Painting Process

Exterior Primer

For better absorption of paint on the walls, it is better to use a primer. Applying a primer makes the exterior paint last longer on the surface. Allow the primer coating to dry for about 6 hours. Then after rubbing the surface with sandpaper, wipe it off with a dry cloth and clean the dust.

Paint Coating

Now apply two coats of paint to the surface of the walls. After the first coating of paint, leave it to dry for 6 hours and then apply a second coat of paint.

To protect the surfaces of water stagnation areas such as balcony railings, balconies over windows and porches, etc. from the growth of algae/mold, it is advisable to apply an additional coating of paint.

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