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The first option that comes to mind to refresh the interiors of the house is to paint the walls of the room with new trending colours. But choosing the colours for the room is not easy, when we have a wide range of wall paint colours in front of us.

Awsome Look For Home Different Parts

The latest trend is to use a variety of texture paint designs and patterns along with the colour of the walls to give an artistic look to the interior of the house. With imaginative and creative experimentation, the walls can become the highlight of the entire home. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, drawing room or any other room of the house.

To help you decorate the interior of your home, we are introducing you to the all new trending home painting Colours, Designs and Patterns under the supervision of our expert painters.

So let's take a tour with our expert view of house interior paint design ideas.

Living Room Paint Colours Design Patterns

Living room is the place where you take away the tiredness of the whole day by watching television, or simply sitting and playing indoor games or cherishing life's precious moments with your loved ones. So the most appropriate colour of this place can be turquoise colour, gray, grayish blue, metallic colour, orange and brown colour shades.

Create fresh vibes with Turquoise Colour

Turquoise colour has the characteristics associated with the both calmness of blue and the relaxation displayed in green, which will act to improve your mood. Using Bird, Flowers, Leaves Wall Stencil Design Pattern with this trendy colour background will make you feel like having fresh positive energy of nature inside you.

Feel stable with Gray Colour Shades

Gray colour shades represent neutrality, balance of mind, and leave an effect of peace in the atmosphere. Enjoy the experience of relaxing among the sky, birds and trees by using a wall stencil pattern of trees and birds on a pearl gray background of the wall.
Using grayish blue colour with dune drizzle texture gives a feeling of excitement and relaxation like raindrops falling in the desert.
Create mind soothing effect with blue, green and orange colour shades
Feel the touch of sea and earthly natural beauty with the texture painting of seashell on the walls in blue, green and orange colors.

Metallic Colour
Experience the timeless beauty of dapple metallic seashell texture effect on the wall with versatile patterns.

Brown Colour Shades
The effect of timber texture design on walls painted in brown colour shades reflects simplicity as well as bold and artistry.

Bedroom Wall Colour Design Patterns

Nude pink, teal color, lavender,bold white, stone gray and white, sky and almond yellow are some of the trending bedroom colours in the year 2022. Here are some of the interior wall texture painting projects recently done by our painters.

Flaunt your creativity with wall stencils pattern painting design

The stencil pattern wall painting design is best suited for bohemians as they can express their feelings by using stencils.

A huge range of wall stencil patterns are available in the market. Such as trellis patterns, damask patterns, patterns related to nature include stencil designs such as animals, birds, insects, flowers, honeycombs, geometric patterns, stencils and children's cartoon character stencils etc.

So to make your bedroom unique, through choosing a stencil pattern wall painting design, You have the opportunity to display your creativity.

Brick Pattern Wall Paint Design

This bold white colour walls with whitewash colour brick pattern design makes the bedroom unique.

Drawing Room Wall Colour Design Pattern

White, mauve colour, stencil design with purple and gold colour, non metallic forest green, white with gold, safari green shade are some of the trending colours for drawing room wall painting in the year 2022.

Bold Violet Colour Paint

The mauve shade of violet colour is best suited for wall painting of the drawing room as it radiates peace of mind and creates a light hearted charming ambiance in the surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supervised Painting by ColourDrive?

With ColourDrive Safe Painting Service, we provide each unit safe and hygienic commercial/residential painting services. Our painting professionals provide colour consultation, painting design consulting about our services as well as planned painting services. ColourDrive also carries out a post painting clean-up of your dream home and delivered it cleanly and beautifully painted.

What is ColourDrive Safety Protocols during Painting Job?

ColourDrive trained painters take all kinds of safety and precautionary measures during the entire commercial/residential painting process. ColourDrive Safety Protocol taken by our Painting experts along with temperature checks 2-3 times a specific day, Using Covid19 Safety guidelines such as usage of the 2-3-layered mask also maintaining 3-4 feet of social distancing on each painting project at all times.

What is Colour Consultation by ColourDrive Professionals?

You can get painting expert guidance for living room colour ideas, living room paint design, drawing room interior design, interior paint colors, home colors along with service and choose to colours shade and visualize what kind your home or office will look like, with your selected trendy colours via our expert consultation.

Are ColourDrive used mechanized Tools during painting services?

ColourDrive service associates excel in the use of needy mechanized painting services tools. Painters conduct site evaluation through denoted moisture meters and take accurate measurements through laser-based Freeman's digital distance meters and XP Health and Safety Kit with gloves, caps, sanitizers & disinfectants. others painting tools like electric sanders, dust extraction & vacuum cleaners.

Is it ColourDrive have complete team of trained Professionals?

Yes, ColourDrive has a complete painting Professionals team or Painting contractors team, who are completely trained by ColourDrive guidelines with respect to our service range. Painters are even excelled in textured and specialty paint job finishes and are well trained to ensure that outstanding painting service procedures are followed.

What are the features of ColourDrive Safe Painting Service?

ColourDrive Safe Painting Services for your house or Home by trained paint experts following these characteristics-
- Complete supervision during the execution of specific site
- Complete site Disinfection & sanitization
- Get complete guidance for service and painting colour shade selection
- Specific Value Paints product Guarantee & warranty
- Stringent safety protocols are per need
- Covid19 safety protocols are followed
- Always use Trendy Measurement tools

How to consider a painting providers who have much experience?

Experience: It is really important to check that the painting professionals you engage have many years of experience behind them or not. Things to Look for in a Painting Contractor have well Experienced.
• Watch their project gallery
• Watch their recent reviews
• Professionalism
• Valued Experience
• Professionals Team
• Insured and Licensed services
• Transparency and clarity
• Flexibility as per need
Visit their site from Google, That is most the easiest way is to judge painting experience.