Indian Home Exteriors: Vibrant Paint Colours

Indian Home Exteriors: Vibrant Paint Colours

House exterior looks matters more than anything else Because it plays the first role in obtaining an opinion about the homeowner.

Colours have their own importance in Indian culture in terms of home decoration. Their opinion regarding colour significance may vary region-wise. Therefore it may prove to be more effective to ensure the combination of colours depending on the regional climate change. For example, in warm regions, it would be appropriate to paint the exterior walls of houses with light colour shades. So that it gives a calming effect to the eyes of visitors. Similarly, it would be good to choose dark colours for the exterior walls of houses in cold mountainous areas. Apart from this, both dark, and light colours can be used to make the exterior walls of the house attractive for areas with moderate climates.

But more important than the colour combination for exterior wall painting is which type of colour you are choosing. For that, we suggest an Asian paint brand exterior wall paint range namely Apex, Ultima, and Ace. All these paints are waterproof, thereby preventing algae from forming on the exterior walls of the house. Apart from this, concrete and rooftop/roof tiles can also be painted with these paints.

Let's see what an adorable two and three-colour paint combination can be for the exterior walls of houses:

Colour Combinations for Exterior Walls of the House

  • Sage Green And Silver White Colour Combination

Green is the symbol of prosperity and the combination of silver-white colour with it will adorn the exterior walls of the house, portraying the calm and luxurious atmosphere.

  • Red and Cream Colour Combination

In most Indian homes, triangular designs with red tiles can be seen on the roofs of the houses. The combination of cream/almond-coloured walls with red-coloured roof tiles will add to the festive charm at home.
Wherein red colour symbolizes warmth in relationships, almond yellow colour has special significance in marriages and auspicious occasions.

  • Indigo and Gray Colour Combination

Indigo is a shade between blue and purple, which can be seen in the seven colours of the rainbow. Whereas the gray colour is the colour of the clouds in the sky. The colour combination of these two colours will make the visitors feel like entering into the dream of the natural pleasant weather.

  • Gray and White Colour Combination

A house painted in gray and white colour combination will give a mesmerizing feeling to the lovers of peace and decency. The white colour creates a calm atmosphere, while the gray colour works to add a luxurious feeling.

  • Red and Gray Color Combination

The gray colour is mixed with clouds and soil. At the same time, red is an integral part of flowers. With the combination of these two colours, the house will contribute to harmony with nature.

You can also make the house attractive by getting it painted in three colour combinations. For example, dark blue colour can be used for the top roof, white or light blue colour for the walls, and gray colour can be used to colour the pillars, borders, stairs, etc. Painting in three colour combinations makes the house blossom in the look of the closed image in the picture frame.

  • Wooden Brown + Dark Grey + Stone Gray Colour Combination

Walls can be painted with Wooden Brown colour, ceiling with tiles in dark gray colour and pillars and borders with stone gray. A house painted with these colour combinations will create the illusion of being a house made of wood.

  • Orange, Gray, and White Colour Combination

White colour can help to show an atmosphere of freshness in the house by painting the walls covering more area of the house, and in between the walls used for the design with orange colour. Simultaneously, simplicity and an energetic feeling can be achieved. By colouring the roof/roof and borders of the house with a gray colour, the flow of positive energy can be diverted in the direction of the house.

  • Maroon, Cream and Gray Colour Combination

Half of the house can be painted maroon and half of the walls a cream colour. Ceilings and borders can be painted in grey colour. Thus painting half the walls in two different colours will help in giving a different identity to the house.

  • Golden Yellow, Brown and White Colour Combination

The walls of the house can be painted with golden yellow colour, the roof tiles and balcony of the house can be painted with brown colour. The white colour can then be used to colour the borders. Using such vibrant dark colours can be a great option for Indian homes in mountainous regions.


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