Exterior paint coming out of the walls of my house. What necessary steps should be taken so as to prevent it?

The exterior of your home speaks about your personality. It is well said that first impression is the last impression. But at times it may happen that the exterior of your home is not what you have expected it to be. It may happen that the paint applied on the exterior walls of your home is coming out and as a result the first look of your house goes in vain.                                                ...

Things to be kept in mind for a perfect paint job

About a paint job?



A proper paint job may take as less as 4-5 days or it may even 15 days. It all depends on the size of your home and the speed of the workers that you have hired to paint your home.

Is it necessary to vacate the home during paint?

No! it is not...

What is Cement Paint? What are the pros and cons of it?

                          What is cement paint?

Cement paint is just normal cement with a few additives of colour that make the cement coloured. It may be of a particular colour or it may be white as well. It is the cheapest option one can use while construction of the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of cement paint:


  • Cement...

Tips to paint the exterior of your house

Your home’s exterior is the first impression visitors have of you therefore when you are deciding to paint the exterior of your house you have to keep a few things in your mind.

Firstly, do not select the colour by just seeing it in the catalogue. Paint some area of your wall with the colour that you have selected and see if it perfectly goes for your exterior wall.

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How can you wash the freshly painted wall if there are any stains on it?

Oops! So you just got a stain over your newly painted wall?


Not a thing to worry about. You can handle it with ease, but you just need to keep the following things in your mind.

Firstly, you have to wait for at-least 15 days before washing a newly painted wall. The time period so allotted is required so as to let the wall...

Spring Diaries Asian Paints - Complete Guide, Procedure and Processes

Spring Diaries is.one of the Best Stencil by Asian Paints. We have done  at numerous places and it is being liked by most of the people. Spring diaries design is provided the Asian Paints along with Standard Colour Combination and Design Patterns. 
So Here is our Complete Video where we have done Spring Diaries at Bangalore Recently.

Paint Product used for Spring Diaries 
Royale Read More

How to protect Outer Walls from harmful UV Rays

The exterior walls are more prone to danger and sunlight and its harmful UV rays. You have to keep in mind that you should take preventive measures so as to take care of the outer walls from the exterior environment.

There are several exterior walls coating that prevent the exterior walls from damage due to the harmful UV rays.


“Andura Classic 21 shall be applied in one coat...

Interior Renovation Hacks.


If you are thinking about giving your home a rich tone and planning to renovate it you can grasp these mind blowing ideas to style your home in the best possible way.

Interior home ideas:

  1. Paint the interior of your house with not more than 2 shades of the same basic colour. If you choose more than 2 shades of a colour it will create chaos and so it is advised to select not more...

Kids Room Decor Types and Themes

CEILING THEMES- NIGHT VIEW: If you are deciding to decorate your kid’s room with something that leaves a glow and shine over the walls and you want it to have an amazing look in the day also then this is perfect for you. This gives eye catching view to the room. It is something that will give a florescent glow in the room when you turn off the lights. The florescent glowing appearance of the room is on the other side but when we look the day view of it, it reminds of the fairy...

What effect Colours have in your Life?

Colours that affect your life: 


Colours have a significant role in our lives. It matters that which colour your wall is painted because it is visible to the human. An all-white home and a wall with bright colours will give different looks to you and will accordingly set thoughts in the human mind. All white walls will give a significance of peace and humanity on the...

Roller Marks on the Walls

This is a situation in which unintentionally the marks of the roller is left over the wall and an impression is left on the wall.


How is it caused?

  • Use of low quality paint
  • Use of low quality rollers
  • When the painting style is not correct.

How can it be corrected?

  • Sanding the walls followed by priming and then painting with good quality paints and good quality rollers is the way by which you can restore...


This is a situation in which the impression of the paint film over the objects is left on the object that is placed over it.


Why does it happen?

Poor scrub resistance may happen due to following reasons:

  • Object placed over newly painted surface.
  • Use of poor quality paint or semi-gloss paint that is resistant to such problems...

Understanding Colours

Each and every colour has a different meaning. Each and every colour speaks a different language. Each and every colour has got a separate story behind it. All colours play a very significant role in our lives because we takes the things just the way we visualise them. The colours have a tendency to control our emotions and feelings so it is important for us to know about the colours and how it has an impact on our lives.

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It is a situation in which the paint dries up and forms a wrinkled kind of a texture over the wall. This may happen due to the thick layer of paint that has been applied over the wall.


This may happen due to following:

Wrinkling may be caused due to the thick layer...

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Hiding (Poor)


It is a situation in which the paint that has been applied over the surface of the wall is not able to cover the background colour and the background becomes partly visible after the paint has been dried up.


Why does this happens?

This hiding problem can occur due to various...

Mildew or Mould over the Walls!

Mildew is a condition in which the walls get affected by the fungus that accumulates on the walls of the room that is not well aerated and is visible like brown or black moulds on the surface of the wall. This is caused in situations where there is damp situations like kitchens and bathrooms.


Probable causes of mildew:

Mud Cracking

Mud cracking is the cracking of deep mud surface over the walls. It is a situation in which the cement from the walls becomes visible thus making it look bad.


What is the reason behind mud cracking?

Mud cracking may occur due to the thick layer of paint applied over the wall and not spread properly. It may...

Blocking or Tackiness of paint.

This is the unenviable sticking of two painted worktop of two painted areas. Blacking may occur because the painted object was not given much time before use and so it leads to sticking of the uppermost surface of the painted area with other objects, also, blocking may occur due to use of low quality or cheap semi-gloss paints that had been used during the paint job. Blocking may also occur due to extreme wet conditions and tackiness may also be caused if paint job is done in too hot or too cold paint conditions....

How to change your interior walls with texture?


If you want a change in the look of your house you have a number of options. You can change the setting of the furniture of your house, or you can just take up a wall and give a master look so that it becomes a sensation of your house and withdraws the attention of all the guests visiting your house.

If you are planning to have a textured wall in...

Damp patches on walls.

If you are perceiving damp patches on the walls of your house, now its high time to be aware of those damp patches as they not only ruin the beauty of your house but also causes a disadvantage to the walls by making them weak and threats your health as well. Therefore it important to keep a check on such damp patches so that you can take actions against them as soon as possible.


Painting kitchen cabinets:


If you are bored with that same look of your kitchen you can renovate your kitchen looks by just painting the cabinets of your kitchen. This is usually one of the most easy and economical step that one could take in order to enhance the looks of your kitchen.


How to get rid of the paint drops fallen on my car?


Oops! Wait. What have you done? Spilled the paint on your car? Okay so have done something really bad, but here are a few ways by which you can lighten the colour because it’s really a difficult to get rid of it easily. So here are discussed a few ideas that may help you get purge out of the paint over your car.

Unusual features that would add looks to a new home under construction.

Something different has been ideology of many and when it comes to your home you might think of various ideas to give it a stunning look without being mainstream and you would obviously not go for those ideas that your neighbour or your friend has already chosen. So here are a list of some unusual ideas that will make your home look different and give it a splendid look.

You can give your home a different outlookRead More

How can you get rid of the fumes of paint in a freshly painted room?



A newly painted room look very bright and happening but the smell of the paint may sometimes get displeasing for some. Here are listed a number of method by which you can get rid of the odour of the paint that is infuriating you. The list goes on like this:

What is the difference between exterior paint and interior paint?

Exterior and Interior paints both vary in there chemical composition because of the difference in their usage and because of the difference in the atmosphere to which are exposed. Exterior paint is made thick so that it can bear the variations in the atmosphere thus making it stable in odd situations also.

Exterior paint is exposed to diversity of atmospheric changes like extreme hot, extreme cold and moisture, etc. But the interior paint is...

Bedroom false ceiling


Bedrooms should be coloured in a way you want them to be. You should pick up your favourite colour and select a particular shade from the colour card. To enhance the colour of your bedroom you can go for false ceiling ideas that will not only escalate the looks of your bedroom but will also help it keep cooler. Because of an added layer of a ceiling the sunrays do not reach the room directly, but has...

Why does Exterior Paint degrades and fails?

Exterior of the house is the first look and it should be top-notch because your house reflects your personality, but sometimes it happens that the exterior paint of your house degrades and fails which gives a substandard look to your house.

Let us know the real reason behind the degradation of the exterior paint of your house!

Exterior paint of the house is exposed to the outside atmosphere and there are several variations in the atmosphere, thus leading to the degradation and failure of...

Which part of house should be painted first?

                 Once you have to start off with your painting work you might be confused regarding which part of your room should you paint first? Should it be the ceiling first and walls next kind of an order or vice versa?

If you begin with the walls and then go to the ceilings all you’ll end up will be a mess. The paint over the ceiling would definitely sag below due to gravity and it...

How to paint the interior of your home Yourself?

When you decide to paint the interior of your house yourself you promise yourself to keep yourself busy and you save the labour charges at the same point of time. Painting it yourself is not an easy task as it will lead to various problems like exposure to chemicals; you will have to climb up the ladder to reach the ceilings and yes, you are not professional. But a person learns from doing something new. So if you take proper precautions like proper masks and gloves and ensure that the ladder is serviceable you...

False Ceiling Ideas



Ceilings are one of the most salient part of your house and so one has to think of several ways to bequeath it an agreeable look. False ceiling is a second roof layer suspended from the first layer with help of a metal frame. The main constituent of a false ceiling is...

How can I make my guest room appealing?


Guest room should be as comfortable and cozy as your own room, always remember they are going to take back the memories with them so make the room in such a manner that you yourself are going to stay there. The Hindi saying “atithi devo bhava” which means that guests are equivalent to the almighty should always be kept in mind. Also, the manner the room was decorated...

How can you enhance the looks of your Drawing Room?


Drawing room is generally planned to be in the entrance of your house and everybody is aware of the fact “all that starts well ends well” and so should be the entrance of your home. First impression is the last impression and your home reflects your personality so you must plan your hall in such a way that the guests have a positive outlook after visiting your house.

How can you decorate your walls with Texture Painting?

If you want to give your home a new look, one of the methods that you can try is to give one of the wall a TEXTURE LOOK.



Texture paint is a different kind of paint that gives a texture look on the wall. Texture paint can be used...

How can you decorate your walls with stencils?



Stencils are generally used to give your walls an amazing look. It is cheaper than wallpapers or any other master wall ideas. So basically, stencils on one hand are pocket friendly and gives a proficient look as well.

If you are planning to...

How can you store your Kitchen stuff easily?


Kitchen is the cardinal part of your house. Its not only the place where food is cooked, but along with food, dreams and love is also cooked that adds taste to your life. So you need to plan out the crucial part of your house in a systematic way and such that the available space is used in an effective manner....

How to paint over Wallpaper?

Yes you heard that right! One need not to peel off the wallpaper before he has to start off with the painting procedure. If the wallpaper is not torn and in a good condition then it is recommended to paint over the wallpaper so as to avoid the unnecessary damage to the walls.


These are the following steps...

What Colors would be suitable to paint the Exterior of your House?

You can give a modish look to the exterior of your house by just painting it. The most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is the quality of the paint that is to be used for painting your house. One should use superior quality products so that the stability and durability of the paint goes for a long time. Also the color of the paint is an important factor that one needs to decide before coloring the exterior of your house.


How can you make your Backyard interesting?


Backyard is the one of the most neglected part of your house. But hey! It’s a part of your house and how can you neglect it / you need to enhance your backyard so that you can enjoy its beauty and can relax there while your evening tea.

You can beautify your backyard with these tips:

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How can you make your Bathroom look Spacious?

So you feel exhausted in your bathroom? Here is everything you need to know to set up a perfect interior of your washroom to make it look spacious that too without applying much effort:



Old yet traditional! This is one of the old techniques that people use to make their bathrooms...

How to Decorate Kids' Room?


Decorating your kid’s room is the most creative work. The surrounding of your child may have a huge impact on his/her personality so you really have to be sure that he/she grows up in a positive surrounding. You must make sure that the kids room is painted with bright colors and is obviously different from rest of your house. Being in a...

Cozy Setup idea for your Balcony

One can think of endless ideas to decorate a balcony and to give it a cozy look. You can enjoy fresh air in your balcony and spend a quality time in your balcony so you need to make your balcony look great and cozy at the same time. Here are a few tips that will make your balcony snug!

TRY OUT SIMPLE FURNITURE: You can try for some nice furniture so that you can enjoy your evening tea in your balcony. It will make your balcony worthwhile.

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How can you give a contemporary look to your bedroom?

You spend a splendid time in your bedroom and so you cannot just ignore it. Afterall you have to keep it updated so that you can have a sound sleep. You have to make sure that you create an unbending atmosphere and a cozy outlook is a must for an acceptable bedroom.

Below listed are a few ideas that can be chosen in designing your master bedroom:


Why do paint sometimes looks Overlapped?

Sometimes it may happen that the paint job you just did may not look so even because of the lap marks that has come up. These marks may be an indication of the following:


  • Painting at a higher temperature than the normal temperature.
  • Use of cheap quality paint

What is Sagging Paint?

Sagging is the vertical flow of paint that leaves marks over the walls. It is the drooping movement of the paint that occurs immediately after the application of a coat of paint.



Sagging may occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Thick coat of paint applied at a...

What is Oil Based Distemper?

Oil based distemper is a normal distemper or water based paint, as you may call it, with some added on drying oils that help the paint to spread and dry with ease.


Oil based distemper is ideal for interior usage and is also used for ceiling decoration. Oil based distemper comes in a variety of shades and so you can...

Our Recent Interior Painting Project @ Yehlanka New Town, Bangalore

Recently we have done Interior painting work at Prestige Montocarlo Apartment, Yehlanka New Town, along with interior work we have fizz texture work as well. Here is complete description of project work -


Project Cost - 45,000/-

Project Date - 15th July, 2016

Category  - Interior, Metal Paint, Wood Polish, Exterior

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Our Recent Project Work @ Horamavu, Bangalore

We have recently completed following full fledged project which includes complete interior, exterior, texture, metal paint, etc, as described below.


Project Cost - 75,000/-


Project Start Date - 10th July, 2016, Completion Date - 25th July, 2016.

Category  - Interior, Metal Paint, Wood Polish, Exterior, Polish Work

Locality : Horamavu...

How to choose a painter for the paint job of your house?

If you are deciding to get your house painted one of the most complicated tasks is to choose a painter for house.A bad painter can ruin your walls. So you need to choose a painter the same way as you are recruiting an employee for office.


You need to make...

What are Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane (PU) coatings are wood enamels that makes the wood look glossy. It serves as a protective layer on the wood surface. PU  coatings are ideal for exterior furniture and makes them stable for a long time. PU coatings are generally oil-based but water-based PU coatings are also available these days.                                                                

PU coaings...

Comparison Between Interior Paints - Tractor vs Premium vs Royale

Asian Paint has vast variety of paints in different category. In Interior plastic paint category itself there are 6-8 different types like - Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royale Luxury, Royale Matt, Royale Shyne, Royale Aspira, Royale Atoms, Royale Atoms etc. All are best in class for different usages and characterstics. Apart of above plastic paints there are other interior products like - Royale Play, Distember, Kids Room etc.

     We, ColourDrive as painting service company work on interior projects on daily basis so we have listed below 5 categories which...

All About Primer


Primer or undercoat is a protective layer that is used to cover any surface before it is painted. Primer is put on the surface before applying paint to it so that it ensures stability of the paint over the surface. Primer is used so that it can ensure adhesiveness as well as smoothness to the object before paint is applied.


All About Wall Putty


Wall putty is a white fine powdered substance that is used to provide smooth base to the wall surface. It provides smooth damp finish and it allows all types of colours to be applicable over the walls. It is applied on the walls and ceilings prior to priming and painting. Wall putty also takes care of the expensive paint that you use over the walls and ensure its stability and durability.

There are some common brands of putty 

1) Birla Putty

Detailed Interior Painting Process

Fresh Painting

What is Fresh Painting and when it is required?

In general we do Fresh Painting in newly constructed home, apartments. In Fresh painting walls are completely rough. Some times in old houses fresh painting is also needed when its wall condition is really bad, damaged  or outer layer of old paint is completely broken.

Step I – Apply Primer and Putty.

Primer is a preparatory coating put on materials before...

Metal Painting - Standard Process and Procedure

Deciding to paint an old piece of metal to refurbish it? This article is going to be fruitful.

So you must be wandering that what all stuff are you going to need in order to paint your piece of metal?

So here goes on the list:

All stuff you would be requiring includes:

  • That piece of metal that you want to refurbish
  • Paint brushes

Home Improvement Ideas - Interior and Exterior

Giving your home a makeover is just a brilliant idea. Here are a few steps to decorate your home in a right way which would grant a new look to your home. 

Starting with interior decoration first-

HOW ABOUT PAINT: Painting your home will add enchantment to your home. Paint will make your home a happening one. Remember that the colour that you select for your home should match...

Wood Painting - Standard Processes and Procedures

Its always not desirable to buy something if it has lost its charm. Just update your old furniture with some wood paint and be pocket friendly :)

- Unfinished furniture that you want to update.

-Sandpaper or a sponge


-Patex paint

-Paint Brushes

- Rollers

- Foam Paintbrush

- Painter’s drop...

Why We Need to Paint Our Home

Why we paint our house? This question clicks in everyone mind. Today I have a great answer which will just clear every query that we all have. Painting our house is one of the important role in our life. Painting HDB provides protection from chemical attack, UV rays, abrasion and environmental factors. Protective coatings are very effective in protecting buildings. There are different coatings that are used to protect different surface, using a high performance exterior coating that is effective in protecting the building component.


Comparision Between Asian Paint, Berger Paint, Duluxe paint ad Nerolac Paints

In India there are various paint product companies to name few - Asian Paint, Nerolac, Deluxe, Berger, sherwin-williams etc. Asian Paint is market leader which covers 70% if indian market. All the paint companies have unique products which make them different them from its competitors. Here is very healthy comparision of all - 

Asian Paint 

Asian paints one of the largest paints company and manufacturer also provide wide range of painting. 

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Painters in Delhi

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