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False Ceiling & Ceiling Paint Design Photos

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False Ceiling Design, Pattern & Colours Ideas

New Ceiling Designs and Patterns

  1. False ceiling design
  2. Pop false ceiling design
  3. Wall putty design on ceiling
  4. False ceiling star and moon
  5. False ceiling with putty/paint
  6. False ceiling wood- timber finish

ColourDrive False Ceiling Images Source

All False Ceiling Gallery Images are real work designs taken from ColourDrive design painting projects completed from 2010 to 2022 till now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trending false ceiling design in 2022?

In general design are best and prefered as per the ceiling room location like Livingroom, Bedroom, Hall & Kitchen but most trending designs in 2022 are Moon, Start, Galaxy, World Map & Butterfly for fan box.