Revamp Your Exterior: Inspiring Colour Scheme Ideas

Revamp Your Exterior: Inspiring Colour Scheme Ideas

Exterior Colours

The exterior of your home plays a very important role in your life because it is the first impression that matters to the visitors because it is what on basis of which they judge your personality. If you have got a very dull and monotonous exterior of your house then visitors may develop an idea that you are also of a not so charming personality so never let that happen. Basically, choose the correct colour for the exterior of your house.

Dark Colours:

A big NO. When it comes to deciding the colour scheme for the exterior of your house then you have to keep in mind one basic thing. Black maybe your favourite colour but choosing it as the colour for the painting of your exterior walls is a very bad idea and just never ever do that. Dark colours should not be applied to the exterior of your house because it absorbs heat and dust will be very much visible on it thus making it a bad idea to choose black for the exterior wall.

Bright Colours:

If you have a fun-loving and attractive personality you can opt for bright colours such as red, orange, yellow or green to paint a portion of the exterior walls of your house. This will act as an eye-catcher and this way you can make your home unique in your neighbourhood. But yes, do not paint the whole of your house in that colour, when I say a portion, then only a portion of your exterior walls.

Classics Colours are the best:

You may select bright colours on a portion of your exterior walls but what looks the classic colours give, it is the best. When you keep the exterior walls of your house light painted then, not only it looks classical but also it gives a very calm and peaceful look. This way you can also make your home look big in size.

Wood Look Can Enhance:

Once you are done with the colour selection for the exterior walls of your house you also can add the wood look at some place of the exterior of your house which will enhance the exterior looks of your house. Wood can also be a good choice, particularly when stained with a medium to dark colour. In this contemporary scheme, a rich grey provides a good bridge between the two hues.

Stick to One Colour:

Do not use various colours to colour your home, not more than 2! Because you are painting your house’s exterior and not the nursery classroom. So choose wisely.

Use Different Shades of One Colour:

When you are painting your home keep in mind that to give a good effect and difference in the colour you use different shades of the same colour so that the difference in colours does not mismatch with each other and your purpose of giving different shades is fulfilled.

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