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What is Painting

What is Metal Painting?

Metal painting gives a top layer for your Iron and Steel assets like windows, grills(balcony, staircase), cots, gates, metal doors, cabinets, wardrobes, tables, chairs, Iron/Steel Boxes, etc which will improve the shelf life of the assets and avoid rusting, and also it gives a new look to your assets and helps out from rusting and corrosion. We provide the metal painting service in Hyderabad.

Major Types of Metal Painting

Acrylic Painting for Metal

Acrylic Painting for Metal

This composition of metal paint is non - toxic, non combustible and provides 8 years corrosion protection. It can be used for external and internal metal surfaces.

Alkyd Painting

Alkyd Painting

This composition of metal paint is flammable. So it is not safe for painting heating elements of metal structures. It is widely used for galvanizing metal surfaces for both outdoor and indoor.

Epoxy Painting

Epoxy Painting

This composition of metal paint is quite toxic. So it is not used for painting indoor metal surfaces. But its resistance against high temperature property makes it suitable for painting outdoor metal surfaces.

Painting for Metal and Rust

Painting for
Metal and Rust

This composition of paint can be used directly on rusted parts of metal surfaces. It is not safe for applying the surface contact with drinking water as this may cause harm to health and not suitable for applying to the products operated above + 150 degree celsius.

Hammer Painting

Hammer Painting

Hammer paint for metal paintings consists of fine glass aluminum powder. The paint formulation is based on epoxy, alkyd and acrylic. The painted surface has a rough surface texture similar to hammering effect. This composition of paint has Exquisite resistance to moisture, vibration, and temperature fluctuations of weather conditions. It is suitable for painting iron metal surfaces such as metal garden furniture, wrought iron work, railings and gates etc.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil paint for metal painting is intended for coloring household products and decorative materials used for indoors. Not suitable for painting outdoor metal surfaces as it will fade and crack quickly under sunlight.

General Metal Painting procedure steps

Sanding, Cleaning, Primering, and then 2 coat paint and post cleaning

  • Remove old paint and rust by using a wired brush. Clean the surface.
  • Scuff up the metal surface by rubbing with a scuffing pad.
  • On a rusted metal surface apply a coat of zinc chromate primer.
  • Thereafter a coat of self etching primer.
  • If the metal surface is free of rust then skip step 3.
  • Finally apply paint as per your convenience by using spraying/brushing/rolling.

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Top 5 Paint Products of Metal Painting

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use on metal?

Generally, we use water-based acrylic paint or an oil-based paint. Usually, Oil-based paints take more time to dry and also it needs high quality paint brush.

Before metal painting Primer is important?

Basically, Primer plays an important prior step to the application of metal paint. Especially if the surface will be exposed to moisture. If water-based primer is not be applied, we have some other option such as iron oxide primer, rust-inhibiting primer are more suitable option.

How do you paint metal surface?

Firstly, we remove old paint and rust. We use a heavy wired brush to remove as much as possible. Then will rub along with the metal. Then Prime a metal, apply paint & allow to dry the paint

5 Important steps preparing metal for paint?

Generally, first step is clean the metal surface must be free from dust, secondly remove loose particals and peeling paint by brushing, sanding or scarping. thirdly, remove emove old paint and rust. We use a heavy wired brush to remove as much as possible. Then will rub along with the metal, fourthly, repair small holes and dents and finally, Prime the surface

What is the best primer to use on Metal?

Usually, The best primer for metal surfaces should be durable, rust-resistant, and easy to apply. Such as rust-inhibiting primers, galvanized primers, and iron oxide primers. Applying the primer immediately after surface preparation can help keep away flash rusting or dust accumulation.

Types of Metal Paint Primers?

1. The wrong primer like latex primers are not appropriate for metallic surfaces.
2. Etching Primer, metal-etching primer has an acidic base that allows it to etch slick metallic surfaces.
3. Iron Oxide Primer inhibits rust and is appropriate for any untreated metal surface subject to moisture.
4. Zinc Chromate Primer, it is is highly toxic and is typically not appropriate for use by inexperienced painters.
5. Considerations.

How many coats of primer should be used?

Usually, two coats of primer is will be plenty. Spray in short smooth strokes from sides to sides across the metal.