Summer Home Cooling: Effective Tips and Techniques | 2024

Summer Home Cooling: Effective Tips and Techniques | 2024

Summers are at a peak and we all want our homes to be very cool. But now let's know the real reason that why do feel warm. Now let’s see why we feel warm. First of all, we need to understand that most of the buildings are made up of concrete and the buildings start heated up by the roof. The roof absorbs the heat from the sun and then transfer it to the next floor. The air of the floor gets heated up and then transfer to the slab. This process continues till the air travel to the ground (which act as an insulator) of the building. That’s the reason why the temperature of the ground level of the building is low as compared to the top floor as much of the heat is lost during the transfer.

Walls add to the swelter by absorbing heat from the atmosphere. This becomes worse when the hot air gets blocked in the room without proper ventilation provided. The internal temperature of the room gets hot through the absorption and radiation of the heat from the sunlight.

Here are some tips to keep your home cool and refreshing:

1.Use of high gloss paints in houses.

High gloss paints have one key advantage it is durable which means that even if your wall is in constant contact with either dirty fingerprints or oily or greasy things then it will be easy for you to wash them off from your wall without any worry. High gloss interior paints are resistant to moisture far better than other paints.

It looks bright and bold and the house looks more spacious. It reflects more light as compared to other paint, like a mirror, and makes the colour seem more bright and beautiful. The paints which do not have good quality are likely to show water spots and become dull or show discolouration when it became wet.

2.White limewash on the terrace.

The use of lime over the terrace can be used as a reflective surface. We have some examples where the brilliance of the whiteness of the lime is valued like in Ireland, where the houses are traditionally whitewashed. Limewash is also a cost-effective idea. The coating of the lime water which is mixed with Fevicol adhesive can last 3+years on sloping roofs and 2+years on flat roofs. Since the limewash is pure lime so it gives an extraordinary glow due to double refraction. Limewash and whitewash both cure to become the same materials.

3.Use of lighter colour.

The use of lighter colours in walls, furnishing and furniture helps to make the house cool and refreshing.Remember, avoid using dark colour as it absorbs the light, mainly radiations from the sun and makes the air hot. Also, the use of lighter colours makes the room look more spacious and bright.

4.Plants on the window.

You can also place plants on the edge of your window. It acts as a humidifier. It is said that plants can raise relative humidity which can make a person healthier. It also improves indoor air quality.

It also helps to stay stress-free and thus improve our health status. They also act as a noise absorber in certain situations and thus can help us to stay away from hearing aids.

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