Wall & Ceiling Free Hand Art Designs

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Wall Paint Free Hand Art

Decorating house in a good way makes life more comfortable and easy. To make this happen we are introducing new category in our services and that is Free Hand Art designs. Free Hand Art designs can really make your house much more attractive and beautiful. It is useful for both commercial and residential use. Free Hand Art designs are not available in market, these designs are drown by artist directly. Another important benefit of free hand art is customer can choose any design from anywhere.

  • For design painting minimum area charged will be 100 sqft.
  • Standard rates are applicable for bangalore only. It may vary for other cities.

Wall Free Hand Art Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is freehand art?

Freehand art is the art work which is done by our in-house artists team to create the desired image on the wall surface with their own hand skills.

Can we choose any image to be painted on wall?

Yes, customers can choose any image to be replicated on wall whether its 3D nature theme, abstracts, Comical Characters or any other themes.

How much does it costs to do free hand art?

Cost of free hand art completely depends on the picture chosen and complexity of it to replicate on the wall. As it is artistic job we can give the quote only after short listing the picture. It generally starts at as low as Rs. 70/sqft.

What paint will be used for freehand art?

Generally, our artists use Canvas based acrylic paint to do art work. Sometimes the paint used will be both mixture of Water based emulsions and Oil pastels.

Can we choose freehand art for exterior walls?

Yes, customers can choose freehand art for exterior walls in garden area or pool areas. We have done such works in large societies too.

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