Innovative Wall Design Ideas: Unleash Your Creative Spaces

Innovative Wall Design Ideas: Unleash Your Creative Spaces

Design Painting:

When you want to renovate your house you look for the best of the options for the renovation. One thing that surely helps you during the renovation is the painting of the home. Designer painting is one of a kind that will surely help you get the best look for your home.

There are various ways by which you can have this designer painting get done in your home.

The various kinds of designer painting include the following:

  • Stencil Painting
  • Texture Painting
  • Kids Decor
  • Wallpapers
  • Freehand Design
  • Traditional Indian House Art.

Now let us look in brief at the following types.

Stencil Painting:

Stencil painting is something that enhances the looks of the walls in such a way that neither the whole of the wall is covered and nor does it looks less. Stencil painting is one of the formulas which will help you do a little thing that will last for a long.

There are various kinds of stencils that will go with the looks of your home. It depends on the look of your home that which stencil will follow in your place. If your home is that of a modern style then ethnic stencils will not work. So basically these are the kinds of stencils: Ethnic; Geometric; Nature-inspired; Mix and Match; Theme based; Border and ceilings.

Texture Painting:

Whileinterior paintis available in a variety of colours to fit any look of your home, you may want some kind of uniqueness that will enhance the looks of your room or your home and textures can also be a good option for this. Texturing a wall is an easy DIY project that can be easily done using pre-textured paints, mixing additives into standard paint or using specific painting techniques.Just like the stencil painting, there are various kinds of texture painting also. Types of texture painting include the following: Royale Play Stucco; Royale Play Dune; Royale Play Special Effects; Royale Play Textile; Royale Play Metallics; Royale Play Antico; Royale Play Infintex; Royale Play Safari.

Tips for Texture Painting:

• Smooth texture paint has a heavy-bodied finish and can be used on walls and ceilings.
• Powdered texture is best for heavy-duty texturing jobs.
• Texture additives may be mixed into most oil-based and latex paints.
• Spray texture paint is economical and makes applying texture to ceilings much easier.
• Touch-up spray is available for repairing acoustic or popcorn ceilings.
• Use joint compound and a knockdown knife to create knockdown ceiling texture.

Kids Decor:

You must be knowing the struggles in your home for getting separate design paint in the kid’s room if you have kids at your place. Kids always want something different from the rest of the house in their room because they like that something of their choice or their favourite cartoon character is there on the walls of their room. They stay happy and feel good about it. So basically the designer paintings that one can get done in the kid's room is that you can select a colour of their choice and get the texture painting done of their choice. Else, one more thing can be done that you can pick up their favourite cartoon character and you can search for the stencil of the cartoon and if it is not available then freehand painting can also be done over the walls. But make sure that you hire a professional for this. Use bright colours to paint it and your kid will be the happiest. You can also think of some stencils like the butterfly stencil in a girl’s room. You can paint the butterfly stencil with pink colour. This also can be thought to paint your kids’ room.


This is the best that can be done in order to beautify your home. Wallpapers are something that saves time and money and also last long. Wallpapers also have the benefit that they can be cleaned if something falls over them. All you need is a drop cloth and some soapy water. You can even vary the way the wallpaper is placed in the room. Some rooms look great with a wallpaper border in the room, while others look best with a full wallpapering. As the homeowner, the wallpaper becomes an extension of your personality.

There are different kinds of wallpapers that can be applied over the walls that will vary in design and texture. They are as follows:

  • Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Korean Wallpaper
  • EmbossedWallpaper
  • Fabric Backed VinylWallpaper
  • BordersWallpaper
  • FlockWallpaper
  • FoilWallpaper
  • LinerWallpaper
  • MoiréWallpaper
  • MylarWallpaper
  • Natural BamboWallpaper

For rooms where the walls are prone to get dirty, wallpaper is a great option. Besides being easy to clean, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges.
Finally, wallpaper can hide blemishes in the wall’s plaster far better than a coat of paint.

Free Hand Designing:

This is one of the things that is most trending these days. One needs to just hire a professional painter to get this work done and get started with it. One can plan out different designs and themes that one can have in one’s room to get the best look of the room. Freehand designing has an advantage over other kinds of wall arts and that is that you can really be specific about your choices and interests. You can get anything get drawn over the walls and that will ensure that you have the most particular idea related room in your company. Also, if you choose freehand designing over any wall art then you’ll be having like an infinite number of choices that you can have in your room. You can customise your idea. You can even have black colour in your Barbie doll drawn on the wall.

Things that you can that you will love:

Show Your Artistic Side:

If you are an art lover and love to experiment with colours and show your artistic style then you can do it over the walls also. This will reflect your personality in your home and you will feel a strong connection with the interior of your home. This is because if you pick up something of your interest and get to see it on a daily basis then you feel at peace. Art lover will really feel good if he/ she experiments with something unique over the wall of their interest.


If you are a girl who actually loves girly things then do show it. If you show your girlish side and live your life without thinking that what do others say then chances are that you live a really very great life. You can get your favourite girlish character get painted or drawn over your wall and that will bring life to your room. It will make you flaunt your room and you'll feel happy about it.

Something Funky:

This is always in trend. You can always try something funky if you are unique and a fun-loving person. You can get anything drawn in a freestyle manner over the walls of your room and can colour it the way you want. This will be really a capturing part of your house and the uniqueness of the wall on which this art has been done will bring life to your room. This will make everything look nice. So basically, the thing that we wanna make you tell is that freehand painting or designing over the walls of something that you love will actually make you feel good and will fill your life with uniqueness.

A City Tour:

There are people who love to travel a lot. This city tour freehand design is for such people. They can get this kind of a thing get painted on the walls of your house if you love to travel and explore places. It will make you feel unique as now you have something real that you have a strong connection with. It will make you feel at peace as living in an environment that suits you or is made for you will assure your happiness around.

The Cinema Lover?

This one is best for the one who loves drama and thrillers in his life or for the one who feels connected to the drama around in the world. That person can have freehand designs of the cinema characters that he/she feels connected to and this will make his life full of drama and he can stay in a place where he is basically surrounded with his interest and this will be fun-loving for him.

Traditional Indian House Art:

Finally we move on to our last topic which is Traditional Indian house art. Because all Indians love being traditional there are many who would want to decorate or interior paint one’s home in such away. This will not only beautify your home but will also add culture and traditional look to your home. This will make your home feel like something unique than the other houses and this will be something that will never be out of fashion. For instance: Arched dividers were and are another timeless design element that adds beauty to the traditional designs. Either inbuilt with cement or separately done in wood. These vary from simple to intricately carved designs resembling the royalty of huge palaces. Now, knowing more about the traditional houses in India, if you wish to give a traditional touch to your modernly chalked outhouse plan, here are a few great projects that have blended antiquity with modernism
Now broadly speaking, traditions vary from one part of India to another. This is in a sense that north India has a different kind of outlook in their homes, the west has something different from the north, south and east and so on and so forth. This means traditions vary as one moves from north to east to south to west. One thing that remains constant is the modesty and the oneness of the country that makes us united.

So now will be discussing the traditional home art in different parts of our country.


People from the north have a really nice taste in the decoration of the home. Their houses are mostly filled with furniture. The traditional home of North India would somewhat have a brown tone on its wall. That may be a coffee colour or an off-white one. One can also have those door bandhani over the doors, which actually add to the traditional look of the home.The traditional look of the home can be complemented with red curtains or red rugs that will enhance the traditional look of the home. North Indian homes mostly have a jhumar kind of a thing that will make it look 10 times more traditional than it really looks. The only thing that one has to remember is that white coloured paint is not used in the interior of the home. White colour will make your home look modern and not traditional. So basically the interior paint colour that will absolutely complement the traditional house look will be coffee or light brown. One can place really nice sequenced cushions and wooden craved furniture to make it look more traditional.


People from the east have almost similar tastes in the home’s interior like the people from the north. Their way of decorating the home is almost similar, except the fact that they can have an empty space kind of a thing in the middle of the home that is called the engine. The inner courtyard can be used as a private yet outdoor space, secluded from unwanted eyes. Pickle making, drying papads, oil bathing children would all happen here in the private patch of sunshine!


Traditional houses which gave huge importance to sustainable, energy-efficient living always provisioned for a courtyard - either exterior or interior. While exterior courtyards were a place to socialise with the rest of the world, interiors were where women of the house gathered forsome gossip and where rituals were regularly conducted. In western India, you will find plants and more of a nice balcony in their homes. The interior is somewhat similar to that of the homes of the north the only exception being that people in the west have a love for plants as can be seen in the picture below.


While their lives are simpler, their interests in art, culture and tradition show a high degree of intelligence and devotion. This is evident from the way their houses have been designed. Whether it’s huge palatial ones or moderate ones - their architecture takes into account every bit of their lives - the place, geography, culture, climate and so on. A typical South Indian home will surely have a courtyard unless it is a small city apartment. Courtyards generate a sense of togetherness. The experience of the whole family sitting together for the evening tea amidst the chirping of birds is undoubtedly out of this world. This place does not need much embellishment as it comes with a comfortable seating area, which can be minimally designed using high-quality wood or stone platforms and cushions. A traditional south Indian household gives special emphasis on big Puja rooms. These rooms are embellished with temple bells, which along with the sweet fragrance of flowers make an awesome start to the day. Brass flower bowls have been very common in South Indian households. Regular practice is to fill these with water and lovely petals of a rose, marigold or even gerberas. Rangoli or floor murals are the most common sight in South Indian households. It is basically the highlighting factor that separates them from other households. Everyday practice for a South Indian female involves early morning Puja that is strictly followed by a beautiful rangoli pattern outside the main door.

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