Furniture-Free Home Decor: Transforming Spaces Creatively

Furniture-Free Home Decor: Transforming Spaces Creatively

Decorating a room without furniture and other showpieces is an idea that would make your home unique and different from all other homes. Basically what 1st stuck to my mind was something that will really help you make your room unique and the uniqueness will speak out. How about the idea of creating a theme in your room? Basically, the theme can be selected according to the age group and the personality of the person whose room is to be recreated.

For instance, if you are planning something for a baby girl-you can very well create her room with the theme of the princess. How about all the pink paint on the walls and stencils of dolls and Barbie. You can also not put the basic ties or marbles in the room and you can try some tiles that may match the theme. You also can place princess-themed curtains and ribbons in such a way that curtains will play a major role in emerging the looks of your role in a perfect manner. You can have a look at some pics below and thus you can get an idea about what can be done in order to decorate the room in the most effective manner without being too common.

Now if you want to do this for someone who is very unique kind of a person who loves music. You can plan out the below-mentioned idea. This idea is something I find really innovative and different and is one of my favourites. Basically, this is one of the concepts that if you place a similar kind of a decorative item in abundance in the room then it automatically enhances the looks of the room thus giving it a very beautiful and charming look. You can think of putting wind chains all over the room. Let them be of different sizes. One can soothe himself by the melody they produce and it would be the best idea for someone who loves music.

Similarly, something of this kind can be done for someone who has a love for peace and loves the white colour. You can decorate the room very easily with the help of white curtains. Make sure there is a way for the wind to come and that will beautify the whole scenario.

Also, you can plan out a room that is full of lamps and bulbs. The lighting may depend on the person for whom the decoration is being done. If the person like dim light then small night bulbs will be a perfect idea to steal the glance of the visitors.

And last but not least. How about capturing all the moments of your life in your room? How about a room whose walls are filled with the best moments of your life. It will make you happy about your life and will make you realise that what you have earned throughout your life.

So basically the decoration of the room should depend on the kind of person you are and accordingly things must be panned out. Make your room what you are and you will feel like the happiest person on the earth.


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