Decorating Your Pooja Room: Sacred Spaces and Decor Ideas

Decorating Your Pooja Room: Sacred Spaces and Decor Ideas

Pooja Room Decoration

The pooja room or the temple in our homes is the one which we want to decorate in the best possible manner because it makes it look really nice and obviously enhances the overall look of your home. Indian homes have a special love for decorating and designing their pooja rooms in the best possible manner. It is because the pooja room is the sacred place of the Indian homes. Indian homes pay special attention to the detailing in their respective pooja rooms.

Especially in the time of the coming festival Diwali Indians have a tendency to renovate their pooja rooms where they can welcome Lord Ganesh and Lordess Lakshmi. So now we will see what steps you can do to make your pooja room look the best according to your home style.

  • Wooden Platform Look:

You can place the deity on a high wooden platform and then cover the background with a chunri or a red coloured saree. This will bring grace to your pooja room. Not only grace but it will make the temple look filled because of the background chunri. Also, the deity will appear to come out brightly because of the bright red or yellow background. It is not just about the red or the yellow colour. With the chunri you can also place the Diwali lights or the lady (as you call it in Hindi) to enhance the looks of the temple. You can also pick up different bright colours to make it look more stunning as shown in the picture below.

  • Marbles and Long Bells Look:

How about an elegant pooja room with really nice marbles and long bells hung? There will be no better idea of decorating one’s pooja room. This will not only beautify your pooja room but will also add glamour to your home. This can best opt for the homes which have a traditional outlook in their interior. Also, the walls of the temple can be decorated well. It can be painted off white and can have some traditional stencils done over the walls. The best-suited stencils for the walls of the pooja room would be the bells stencils or some other traditional stencil done over the walls. Generally, the recommended colours for the walls would be red, yellow, orange or some bright colour as such. This will make your temple really traditional. Do not forget to compliment your pooja room with a red coloured rug and nice door bandhans. This will make your temple look elegant.

  • Spiritual Reflection Look:

This modern pooja room is very minimalist. This can be very well accompanied with glass doors to retain the modernity of the home. It creates a space and mind that is clear of clutter and ideal for spiritual reflection. The mirror in the background reflects the natural light shining through the window and creates a spacious room. Soft limelight envelops the idols creating a peaceful ambiance. Imagine listening to devotional songs and meditative chants in this tranquil space.

  • Our Personal Favourite Look

The next kind that we are going to discuss is my personal favourite. This is basically not suitable for flats or small homes, but if you have a big home and you want to construct a really big pooja room then you can go by this idea. Put up the best of the marbles for the pooja ghar and you can get it placed in your pooja ghar. Also, a big jhumar will add looks to the pooja ghar. It will not only make it look royal but also the traditional look of the pooja ghar will be enhanced. The pooja room will look really nice also if you keep it all white and golden. This will make it look royal. Also, the door of the pooja ghar can be selected in a way that looks best. One can have highly carved wooden gates for the pooja ghar. Even glass doors can do their job in the best possible manner. But a door that has wooden carvings and also the LED lights fixed in it will not only enhance the looks of the temple but will also make it look the best. Also, a bronze statue will leave a great impression. The single glowing brass statue placed against a pure tiled marble backdrop on a pedestal is enough to invoke feelings of sanctity, adoration and love for the almighty. Here thedeity of worship to millions of devotees is asking his followers to bow down in prayer, so he can bless the family with peace, joy and good health. One such example of such a pooja ghar is shown below:

So basically these were some of the ideas that one can select to design their pooja room in the best manner. You can get it done according to the design that best suits your home. Pick up your favourite design and go for it because of the approaching Diwali time.

Also for best results, you can add rangoli in front of the pooja room to enhance its looks. The rangoli will add beauty to the temple. Also flower garlands can be used as natural door bandhans for the temples. This will not only beautify the temple but will also add natural scent and freshness to the pooja room.

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