Colour Impact: How House Colours Influence Emotions & Mood

Colour Impact: How House Colours Influence Emotions & Mood

This is a very important point to note that yes people judge you for the colours that you have used to paint your room and also the paint colour that you use for your room affects your personality and the way you react to things.

Colours play a very significant role in the lives of people. Suppose if you have your drawing room painted with calm colours like white and sea blue, which shows the calmness and the peace you prefer in your life. It signifies that you like to be in a place that has slow soothing music than a disc. It signifies that you prefer to be away from people who have a violent nature. On contrary, if you have painted your room in bold colours say red or orange that will signify that you like to be adventurous and like to meet new people. It shows your quality of being an extrovert.

Now let’s see how the colours affect your personality: if you are a person who has a bad temper you can paint your home in such a way that it calms you down and makes you feel at peace. Colours like white, sea green, sea blue or off white can be used. It will make you feel at peace and will help you to get rid of your temper. On similar lines, if you have your room painted in a bright manner say yellow, orange or green, it will make you happy and really joyful.

This way colours affect your life and the way you react are also somewhere can be governed by the colours that you use for the rooms.

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