Paint Brands Compared: Asian, Berger, Dulux & Nerolac in 2024

Paint Brands Compared: Asian, Berger, Dulux & Nerolac in 2024

Getting your home painted is a big task in this era. If we go into detail, lots of paint products are available in the market these days so choosing the best of them is quite more difficult. To make that easy we are suggesting you some basic information about some of the Interior Paint and Exterior Paint brands such as Asian paint, Nerolac paints, Berger, Dulux, Sherwin-Williams etc. Asian Paint is the market leader which covers 70% of the Indian market. All the paint companies have unique products which make them different from their competitors. Here is a very healthy comparison of all -

Asian Paints

Asian Paints one of the largest paints company and manufacturers also provides a wide range of painting.Asian paints are the market leader in the paint India industry because of their sharp leadership in the decorative paint segments. It is ranked as one of the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today. This is due to the strong brand quality.Asian paints offer a very vast variety of colours for our walls. Asian paints manufacturing and exporting decorative paints, emulsion paints, protective coatings, industrial paints, and automotive paints.

Interior Product from Asian Paints:-

1 Interior Paints - Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royale Luxury, Royale Shyne.

2 Exterior Paints - Ace Emulsion, Apex, Apex Ultima Exterior Paint.

3 Metal Finishes -Synthetic enamels, Water based enamels, Epoxy and PU Paints

4 Wood Finishes - Wood Polishes liketouchwood, NC & PU polishes etc

5 Water Proofing - Asian Paint Water Proofing Material.

Here are the Full Details of Asian Paint Full Product Details.

Special Effects Paint From Asian Paints:-

1 Royale play

You can explore more about the Texture at this linkRoyale Play Special Effect.

2 Royale Play Wall Fashion

You can explore more about Walls Fashion Here - Royal Play Walls Fashions.

3 Kids World

Asian Paints Shade Card:-

No Asian Paint is a leader in India, it is easily available across cities towns. It has various types of products for each and every need of customers.

Nerolac Paints

Nerolac paints are a leading paints Color Company and manufacturer in India is offering a wide range of wall Interior paint and Exterior paints. Nerolac Paints Company is in the second position in the Indian paint industry. They are leading with their industrial paint segments, it is also one of the top ten coating companies in the world.They offer us the quality of colourful paints for our interiors, exteriors, metal and wood

Range Of Products from Nerolac Paints -

1 Decorative Paints

2 Auto Motive Coatings

3 Performance Coatings

4. Shade Card from Nerolac Paints

You can find the full details of - Nerolac Paint Details.

Berger Paints

We can paint our home wall according to our imagination with the help of Berger paints. Berger paints is an iOS 9001 company and the country’s third-largest paint manufacturer, with its headquarters in Calcutta. Berger Interior paints and Exterior paints hold a distribution network comprising of 66 stock points across the country.

The company offers quality colourful paints for their customers includes homeowners, professional and industrial users, because of its quality products the company attained instant recognition worldwide. They work towards meeting the quality requirements of the domestic market.

1 Breath Easy

2 Silk Luxury Emulsion

3 Easy Clean

4 Rangoll Total Care

5 Weather Coat All Guard

Range Of Products from Berger Paints:-

1 Interior Wall Coatings

You can explore more here -Walls Fashions.

2 Exterior Wall Coatings

3 Berger Metal And Wood Paints

4 Living Green

5 Protective Coatings

You can explore more about Berger Products Here.

Dulux Paints

This type of interior paintsand exterior paints will help us to bring our decorating ideas to life. Dulux paints or AkzoNobel India which was previously known as ICI India is a leading manufacturer of the Indian paint industry. Dulux Paint Company offering us excellent colour paints for our interior and exterior.

Interior paints can use for painting walls and ceilings of the interior. They are also offering a vast variety of undercoats too like ICI water-based cement primer, wall putty etc. They help us to choose our best colour for home according to our budget.

Range Of Product from Dulux Paints -

1. Interior Paints- Dulux Velvet Touch and Pearl Glow.

2. Exterior Paints- Dulux Weather shield Max and Sun reflect.

3. Wood and Metal Care- Dulux Super Satin AndSuper gloss 5 in 1

4. Wood Care- Dulux Advanced Water-Based Pu and Melamine.

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