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Comparison Between Interior Paints - Tractor vs Premium vs Royale

Comparison Between Interior Paints - Tractor vs Premium vs Royale

Comparison Between Interior Paints - Tractor vs Premium vs Royale


Asian Paint has vast variety of paints in different category. In Interior plastic paint category itself there are 6-8 different types like - Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royale Luxury, Royale Matt, Royale Shyne, Royale Aspira, Royale Atoms, Royale Atoms etc. All are best in class for different usages and characterstics. Apart of above plastic paints there are other interior products like - Royale Play, Distember, Kids Room etc.

     We, ColourDrive as painting service company work on interior projects on daily basis so we have listed below 5 categories which customer most frequently uses. We have tried to put the basic details on our experience as follows :

1. Tractor Emulsion 

Tractor emulsion is a low budget paint. It gives a matt finish look. Its coverage is 150-180. It is available in  1675+ shades. It is starting range of plastic paint, Economical  and easy to paint. This is most commonly used paint. This comes with durability of 3-4 years if painted 2 coats of it. Tractor Emusion paint is mostly used in rented house as well where tetants moves in-our more frequently. In short if you wanna feel how exactly a plastic paint in low budgest for rough use - then go with Tractor Emulsion. 








You can have a look at our Painting Cost Calcultor for tractor emulsion.


2. Premium Emulsion

Premium emulsion is costlier than tractor emulsion. It also gives a matt finish. Coverage ranges from 140-150. It is available in 1750+ shades. This gives Rich Matte Finish and more smooth then tractor emulsion. It has more durability as well i.e. 4-6 years. This almost resembles with Royale in finish only thig it is not washable. Apart from its smooth finish has more details about it - 

  • Rich matt finish -Has a rich and smooth matt finish that oozes sophistication.
  • Stain guard - Fortified with Stain Guard technology that guards your walls against most household stains and ensures easy cleaning.
  • Long Lasting Film - Long lasting film that keeps your house as good as new for a long time
  • Fungus & Mildew resistance - Designed to protect your walls against unwanted fungus.
  • Extra Deep Colours - Offers a unique range of extra deep colours, long lasting impact.

If you compare cost wise then yes, Premium emulsion is little costier then tractor emulsion. you can check the standard per liter price here  Paint Cost

3. Royale Luxury Emulsion 

Royale Luxury emulsion is a high budget paint. It gives a soft sheen and a glossy finish. Coverage ranges from 140-150.  Washability : This is starting category of washable paint, it can be softly washed with wet cloth for the normal surfacial mark. This is really more durable then above two 7-8 years you it does not looses its look. This gives very smooth finsh - you will amazed to see the touch and feel look, it is very soft and shines with light. This is Sheen Category paint. Cost wise this is quite costlier then any other paints, also requires putty to be done before applying royale luxury paint. This is very Low Odour and LOw VOC standard paint with Teflon Surface Protector which increase its durability and increases the strength of paint.

  The standard procedure of applying royale is similar to normal painting process i.e. putty, 1 caot of primer followed by 2 coat of paint. You can have look at the our Standard Painting Process.








4. Royale Shyne

Royale shyne is also a high budget gives a high sheen finish. Its coverage ranges from 140-150. It is available in1775+ comes with no warranty. This igives very glowing look and smooth, soft finish. This has all the characterstics as Royale Luxury paint have i.e. 

  • Washable - It has higher washability then Royale  luxury.
  • Costlier then luxury,  Hi-Sheen finish.
  • It is more durable i.e. 8-9 years.
  • Eco FriendlyConforms to strict international environmental and safety standards. Low VOC standards and the absence of any harmful chemical results in very low odour
  • Teflon™ surface protector - Fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film. Comparable to the best interior emulsions across the world, it  protects your walls againts the  toughest household and water based stains.
  •  Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal - Designed to prevent fungal growth on walls. It also offers a unique  anti- bacterial shield that kills ≥ 99% of microorganisms as per Japanese Industrial Standard.

In Short, Royale Shyne is known for its Hi-Sheen finish and long durability, long lasting durability and high washability.

5. Royale Aspira 

It is a super luxury paint. This is best in class.It gives a soft sheen finish. Coverage ranges from 120-130. It is available in 1750+ shades. Add on features includes warranty period of 5 years and also its wash-ability has been ranked the highest of all other paints.t has all the characterstics as Luxry and Royale Shyne have i.e. - Highest Washability, Long durability of more then 1 years, low ordour, anti fungal and anti baterial, Super Sheen, Eco Friently.

When you touch a wall surface with Royale Aspira - You will feel the real painting experience, You will just love it. It is smoother then cotton, with lighting it gives your home a super luxurious look. In Short this is based in class.

  We have prepared an comparitive cost calculator on our website where you can actually compare the different paints, here is a snapshot of it -

We meet customers daily and explain the product details and then actually do the painting, so we have prepared an cost calcutor for painting cost, you can have a look at this - Painting Cost Calculator.  So select accordingly and give your home amazing looks.

       Our Royale Luxury Work at Mahaveer Spring J P Nagar, Bangalore


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