Revitalize Your Home: A Deep Cleaning Guide for Kitchen, Washroom, and Bedroom

Revitalize Your Home: A Deep Cleaning Guide for Kitchen, Washroom, and Bedroom

Well. Cleanliness is a very important and essential part of one’s life. One cannot live in a place that is always messy. One requires a place that is really clean as it provides peace of mind and allows one to think over the matters of daily life in a more healthy way. Because it is said that one’s thoughts depend on the surroundings we live in and therefore it is very important for us to maintain the cleanliness of our home.

So to solve this problem of yours here is an article that will help you with the same and will show you how you can really keep your kitchen. The bedroom and bathroom are really very clean.


This is that part of the house where food is made and therefore it can turn out to be the dirtiest place of your home because various items are there in the kitchen that can lead to a mess. Though we have chimneys placed in the kitchen they are not enough to absorb the oil that evaporates in the process of making food. Also, it happens various times that you touch the drawers or the windows with the hand that are oily or dirty and therefore it becomes a tedious task for you to clean the kitchen.

1st step of getting a place cleaned up is to put the stuff out and if required, get it painted, because that way you can restore the freshness of the place.

So when you have to start with the cleaning of the kitchen we 1st advice you to empty your fridge and have a look at the stuff that is lying in the fridge. Empty the vessels which have extra stuff kept. Also, put those vessels for the wash. Once you empty your fridge you are advised to switch it off and put out the plug from the socket so that you can wash your fridge with the help of dish wash. Once you are done with it you can clean the soap with a wet drop cloth and then dry it off with a dry drop cloth. Once the fridge section is complete you can move to the crockery section. You need to take out the crockery from your modular kitchen and then put them for the wash. Though they are not used and does not needs a wash but it only seems so. If you have some crockery that is not used on a daily basis then while performing a deep cleaning of the kitchen we suggest you wash them so that you don’t have to keep sticky and dusty crockery back in your kitchen.

Once you put that crockery out then you can clean the drawers with the help of sprays like Colin etc. also, you are advised to 1st weep the Colin with the help of the paper first and then with the help of a drop cloth. After you are done with cleaning the crockery you can put them back in the drawers but keep in mind that they are dry and they will not form patches inside the drawer due to the water residing with them.

After the crockery scene is done you can take out the spices and pulses etc. out of the drawers of your kitchen and then you are advised to put them in other containers as you will have to wash those already existing containers because they may require a wash. For temporary purposes, you can also use different kinds of containers for keeping the spices and pulses. Once those containers are washed and dried up you can keep the stuff back in them. Also, make sure that you do not forget to clean up the drawers with a help of a drop cloth. You can also spray some hits if requires and if you see any insects like nymphs etc. in the drawers.

So this was all about the deep cleaning that can be performed in one’s kitchen. Now we will move towards the bathroom and will see that what can be done in order to keep the bathroom super clean that your guests will ask you for the secrets behind it.


It is really important to keep the bathroom really very clean because it happens most of the time that you visit a restaurant which seems very hygienic and nice to you. You like the setup of the place but when you visit the washroom you are really shocked and then question yourself that is that restaurant really hygienic?

So you may be judged if a guest arrives at your home and visits the bathroom and does not find it really good. So this is one of the places of a home that is really important to be kept really clean and hygienic.

Now comes. What can you do to keep your bathroom clean and tidy?

In order to keep the bathroom tidy 1st of all, you are required to put all the toiletries out of the bathroom so that you can continue with the cleanliness of the washroom.

You can start by cleaning up the tiles of the washroom with the help of washing powders like surf etc. be it the tiles on the wall or the tiles on the floor. Once you are done with it you can wash the washbasin and the pot with the help of a sweeper with some acid etc. (note: do not ever touch acid by bare hand as it may result in bruises). Then you may also wash your bucket, mug, shower, taps etc. with the help of washing powder and this will help you restore the shine in your washroom.

This was all about the deep cleaning that can be performed in the bathroom. Now we move to the bedroom portion:


A place where you sleep. A place where you spend quality time of your life. Should it not be clean enough?

Imagine that you are sleeping and all of a sudden when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. you find a spider web just hanging at top of you. Or imagine some mice eating up your clothes in your cupboard. Or something weird that may make you deprived of sleep. So it is really very important to keep the room clean enough so as to maintain a hygienic life.

Here are mentioned a few steps so as to perform a deep cleaning of your room.

You can, first of all, remove the spider webs if any that may be there on the walls or on the rooftop. Then you can wipe away all the dust from the room with the help of a broom etc. keep in mind that you cover your bed with a rough bed sheet so that your mattresses are not filled with dust.

You can also perform cleaning of your room by letting your furniture out of your room and then washing the tiles or the marbles nicely with the help of the washing powder. This will ensure the bright floor of your room.Do not forget that if your walls need a repair then you get the paint done on the walls which will lead to your room look like a new one.

You can then put all the furniture back in your room at its place and place a clean bed sheet on your bed and woahh your room is cleaned up.

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