Exploring Texture Painting Techniques | Transform Your Space

Exploring Texture Painting Techniques | Transform Your Space

Texture Painting or Design Painting

Imagine a guest entering your home and as soon as he enters the just says “Wow! What a lovely room!” It would obviously be a very amazing moment for you. You will be proud that somebody appreciated your home. Texture paints can be a great idea for renovating your home. It gives a new and proficient look to your home. If you are planning to have a textured wall in your house, first of all, you need to select the colour of the wall that you want to have. Remember that the first look of your house will reflect your personality so you need to think accordingly before you make any decisions regarding it.

The colour of the textured wall should be perfectly fine and you can go for either an all different colour or some other shade of the colour with which the walls have been already painted.

Keep in mind, that if you select some different colour it should be in accordance with the colour of the rest of the house or else it can end up in absurdity and may give a very bad look to your house.

Royal Play:

So basically what is royale play? Royale play has in itself a various number of texture options that can be applied so as to create a beautiful wall of different kinds of texture etc. it comprises of varieties of styles that include the following:

  • Royale Play Antico
  • Royale Play Infinitex
  • Royale PlayStucco
  • Royale Play Dune
  • Royale PlaySafari
  • Royale play Special effects
  • Royale Play Metallics
  • Royale Play Luxe

Now we will discuss these large varieties of paints so that you can choose the perfect texture wall for your home.

Royale Play Antico

It is a subtle metallic finish paint, which suits the taste of those who believe in traditional and antiques. It is an environmentally friendly paint that gives your home a look that is really good. It is a perfect texture paint for the interior as well as for the exterior of your house. It is water-based paint and also four effects like Classique, linea, Ricco & Quadro are created using a variety of tools on Asian Paints Royale Play Antico base and topcoat paint.

Types of Royale Play Antico

Classique Antico:

This perfectly describes the antique classic nature of the textured walls that give a glow.

Linea Antico:

Linea is a Latin word that means line. It gives a texture of the line based on ancient looks.

Royale Play Infinitex:

This texture paint shows varieties of nature such as pebbles, hive, bricks and much more texture. It will depict a wall that will depict the infinite beauty of nature in the interior of your house and will create an atmosphere of utmost beauty and personification. Six "nature-inspired" effects like bricks, pebbles, shale, crossroad, breeze and ripple are created using a variety of tools on Asian Paints Royale Play Infinite. It is easy to apply and also allows the tools to move smoothly, hence giving very enhancing results over the wall.


This crossroad from royale Play will grant your home a look that you have been waiting for. It not only gives a textured look to your wall but also acts as a 3-Dimensional look for a house.


This is my personal favourite. This can be a very cool way to texture your walls if you like the brick wall for the interior of your house.


Yet classic! It somewhat gives the look of the wooden wall. It is a wall that will reveal boldness within you and will also give a glance of simplicity to your home.


Nature brings a perfect example to texture your walls. it gives a very nature-based look to the home and this can a perfect choice for nature lovers.


This classy pebble look from the wide range of Royale Play Infinitex make you memorize the rain-soaked pebbled paths.


The ripple effect of the Royale Play Infinitex makes the walls really stunning and it is basically for them who have a very cheerful and amazing personalities.


This gives a perfect breezy look to the interior of your house thus making it very wonderful and something different to look at it.

Royale Play Stucco:

With royale play stucco you can get the best look of stone or marble whatever fits the style of your home. The stone and marble look gives an evergreen and enhancing look. This can be best suited to any house. Five effects like marble, cobbled, slate, igneous and quartz are created using a variety of tools. It gives a perfect shine and glamour look to the home. The application process of this paint is also very easy, alsoit is non-toxic, non-flammable and fully respects people’s health and environment.

Types of Royale Play Stucco


The marble look from the Royale play Stucco will grant the smoothness of the marble and its look will grant a magnificent look to the interior of your house.


As the name suggests, it gives a very fine look of the slate that will commend an aesthetic look to the walls of your house.

Royale Play Dune:

Royale play dune brings a look at the dessert or the dunes in the interior of your house. If you are a traveller and you like the view of the desert and dunes etc. then this can be a perfect match for your home. Get your own dessert look in the interior of your house to enhance the look of the house as it speaks about your ravishing personality. Also, it is available in gold and silver base. A number of special effects such as drizzle, whirl and halo can be created using a variety of tools, with Asian Paints Royale Play Dune special effects paint. It is easy to apply and also it grants a lustrous look and a glow look to the walls.

Types of Royale Play Dune


Inspired by the tropical raindrops this Royale Play Drizzle gives a perfect slant look to the interior of your house.


This gives a view of the sponge-like structure that gives a perfect look for your house.

Royale Play Safari:

It is basically designed for those who have adventure going in their hearts. It gives a look and adventure feel of Africa’s jungles. It also provides a metallic glow to the walls and it is available in gold and silver base. The application process of royale play safari is really easy and it hence allows the movement of the brush with ease. Five effects including the classic, sleet, rainstorm, ocean wave and frost are created using a variety of tools from Asian Paints.

Types Royale Play Safari


It gives a very classic look to the room. The simplicity in this texture paint says it all.


This checkboard style of sleet texture paint makes it a very amazing way to decorate the interior of the walls. and give them a proficient look at the same time.

Royale Play Special Effects:

You are left with various choices that offer an enhancing look to your walls when you want to apply this water-based paint over your walls. Different types of special effects such as crinkle, dapple, weaving, canvas, spatula, colour wash, ragging, sponging, combing, and brushing can be created using a variety of tools. The application process of this paint is really easy and good to go.

Royale Plays Special Effects have got a large variety to choose from and they include the following:


The look of the bloom of fresh flowers that will enhance the look of your home.


This geometrical effect that looks like a flower will be giving a soothing effect and calmness to your soul.


The criss-cross makes it divergent from the rest of the effects and thus making the interior of your home unique.


This texture gives your walls an unparalleled, artistic, contemporary, yet luxurious finish.


The colours blend into each other thus making a very amazing combination and thus beautifying your home.


It is basically inspired by the colours of the sky and you cannot move your eyes out of it because of the beauty of the texture paint.


This different and alluring texture paint will blow your minds with the unique geometrical nature that this texture paint consists of.


reated using regular household tissue paper, this effect brings to life a unique designer wall.


These dapple effects make your walls worth their look and make them distinct from the others.


The delta effect gives the walls of your home a reason to smile and create a very amazing atmosphere in your home.


This can be done on the walls of your home if you have an outrageous and creative personality.


The Fizz effect can suit the walls of your home and can suit all the types of personalities people have.


The classic and bold look gac be granted by using this style of Ragging.


Yet another one that is different from rest. You can have a look at the beaches and sea with this effect.


A dramatic effect that creates classical surroundings, it transforms a plain wall into having the appearance of a rough, ancient stand stone wall.


Tis is a broadly accepted texture paint as it is meant for all types of people because of its amazing look.


Splish-splash your walls with the psychedelic artistry of Pop Art.


This is a silent texture that speaks boldly from the look of the pores of the sponge that makes its look worth its while.


The timber look that will bring you close to nature.


This texture adds elegance to your room with a subtle, understated finish.


This gives a look at the threads been weaved into each other that gives a very atypical look to the walls.

Royale Play Metallics:

As the name suggests it gives a view of the metallic sheet over the walls of your house. This paint gives a sheen and glows to the walls of your house thus making your walls beautiful. Different types of special effects such as crinkle, dapple, weaving, canvas, spatula, colour wash, ragging, sponging, combing, brushing can be created using a variety of tools on Asian Paints Royale Play Metallics special effects paint. It is abrasion-resistant, translucent, odourless, non-toxic, and non-flammable and fully respects people’s health and environment. Also, it is really easy to apply and it enables to move the brushes with ease hence granting a finished look.

The types of the royale play metallics involve all the effects of the special effect with a metallic touch over it.

Royale Play Luxe:

Royale Play Luxe, the latest addition to the esteemed line of wall textures by Asian Paints. This new category, recently launched, sets the benchmark for luxurious and captivating wall finishes that effortlessly transform any space into a work of art.Royale Play Luxe, your walls become a canvas for creativity and self-expression. This collection offers a diverse range of captivating textures, from intricate geometric patterns to delicate brush strokes, from organic motifs to rich metallic accents.it is an expression of luxury, artistry, and fine craftsmanship. It is a testament to Asian Paints' commitment to innovation and their dedication to enhancing the beauty of living spaces.

Procedure how to do texture paint?

Once you are done with the selection of the perfect texture paint from the above-mentioned texture paints from the large variety of royale play texture paints you need to apply it over the walls of your house. For the application of royale play texture paints you have to follow the following steps:

  • Sand the walls properly with the help of sandpaper and after the sanding process is done then you need to wipe off the dust with the help of a drop cloth that will ensure that no dust particles are left over the walls and hence, no obstruction will be created while painting the walls.
  • The second step is to apply a coat of Asian Paints Deco prime Wall Primer Water Thinn able or Solvent Thinn able and allow the primer to dry for 6 - 8 hours.
  • After the primer is dried up, you have to use the roller for this job. Dip the roller in the paint and start off with the painting job. Apply the paint in a W- shape so that it is applied properly over the walls.
  • After you are done with the paint application process, leave it for a day or so.
  • For amazing results, you can call for a specialised team of painters who will take care of all those things.
  • And! You are done!!

Our Real Work Video:

From where to get it done??

If you want to get this texture done on your walls and if you are located in Bangalore then you can get it done from a very specialized team of ColourDrive. They will serve you with the best of results and will help you choose the perfect stencil as per your home. Here are some of the pictures of the stencil project done by ColourDrive. You can have a view at them and then you can select the perfect team with a bundle of knowledge in this stream for a perfect texture job, as well as you can select ColourDrive for more services such as stencilling, exterior painting, interior painting etc. and be 110% satisfied with the results!


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