Elevate Your Exterior: Inspiring House Painting Designs & Colours

Elevate Your Exterior: Inspiring House Painting Designs & Colours

Colours are considered to have particular importance in India. Here colours are seen by connecting with festivals and positive energy. Apart from this, according to Vastu Shastra happiness, peace and prosperity in the house depends upon the choice of colors. This also has a unique effect on the human mind. The choice of the exterior colour of the house is of particular importance.
Therefore, in this article, I am sharing with you information about choosing paint colours according to the exterior design of the house.

Independent Houses:

Stark white, off-white, or cream colour is considered best for painting the exterior of the house. Because it goes well with cement work, plaster, and landscaping and creates a more modern, relaxed, and fresh feeling.

1 Storey or Floor Building:

The combination of light and dark paint to match the colours with the concrete slab and galvanized iron roof of a one-storey building of modern design makes the house more attractive.
For this, using yellow and sage green colours will help in diverting the energy of happiness and prosperity towards the house.

2 Storey or Floor Building:

Modern two-storey houses painted with fashionable sage green colour are trending in the year 2022. Sage green goes well with dark monochrome colours like brick red, navy blue, olive green, and white.

Apartments or Multi-Storey Buildings:

Natural shades of gray and white with a dash of orange are a graceful colour combination for an apartment/multistorey building. In combination with white colour painting an accent orange colour can be added to a small section of the exterior. This trio colour combination brings freshness and harmonious vibes to the visitors.

Society 1 or 2 Floor Villas:

Dark blue is the classic colour choice for the facades of society 1 or 2 floor villas or row houses. Because it goes well with most trendy paint colours, exterior plaster, brickwork, or concrete work. Keeping the base colour of the building dark blue gives the option of a wider range of using any other contrast color.

Commercial Buildings:

Red is the most dominant colour to draw attention. It evokes feelings of strength, confidence, and excitement. Therefore it is a more appropriate colour for educational institutes buildings.
Green is the colour of nature and good health.It evokes feelings of prosperity, good health, and peace. Whereas as white colour evokes the feeling of cleanliness. Therefore, the green and white colour combination is the most suitable colour for health, spa, relaxation, and wellness building paint colour.
The blue colour evokes feelings of faith, dependency, and trustworthiness. Therefore it is the most suitable exterior paint colour for financial institutes like corporate offices, and bank buildings.
Small retail shops and shopping mall's building exterior colour should be calming and create a sense of welcoming feeling to the customers. In this regard, warm colours like orange, yellow, and brown colour paint are most suitable
The workshop should be painted with stark white colour to feel spacious, and brighter and feel creating a sense of more inevitable. For this purpose, high gloss paint is most suitable and makes the workshop easier to clean.
Factories are where productivity matters the most, and so is the stressful environment. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to paint the exterior of factories with blue, gray, or yellow paint to create a feeling of inspiring and energetic atmosphere.


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