Revamp Your Space: 3D Panel Design Ideas for Walls & Ceilings

Revamp Your Space: 3D Panel Design Ideas for Walls & Ceilings

Top 3D look Ideas for any Room Walls and Ceiling

To Give your roof depth with three-dimensional metal roofing tiles available in a variety of colors, finishes, and perforations. 3D Ceiling Tiles offer you a range of options to take your ceiling design to new dimensions. There is a multitude of possibilities in 3D Ceiling Tiles to take you through new dimensions. The 3D patterned walls and ceilings in the rooms create an advanced, sophisticated atmosphere in the house.
So if you are bored with your plain walls and ceiling designs then let's take a look at the top 3D room wall and ceiling ideas.

False Ceiling 3D Look Paint Design

Gypsum 3D Ceiling Tiles Design Panel

Paint the false ceiling tiles in golden colour with surroundings walls in dark gray colour.

Geometric Pattern False Ceiling Design

Suspended panels for each piece are used in this design. Painting a white colour room ceiling is the best way to break the monotony and increase logical thinking skills.

3D POP Ceiling Design

This false ceiling is made up of plaster of paris and is painted with sky blue and white colour combination with three-dimensional bubbles in it to create a sky with clouds resemblance.

Plus Minus POP False Ceiling Design

This plus minus pop ceiling design looks great in the hall area or living room which helps to show different spaces between the dining area and kitchen or living and dining area as it has three partitions in intricate metal carvings in between which you can fit lighting lamps.

Ultra Glossy Ceiling Design

One of the recent trends for ceilings is high gloss reflective finishes. The ultra glossy ceiling design painted in light colors makes the viewer's eyes feel the room is spacious. This design is perfect for small living or dining areas.

3D Wall Panel Design

To renovate your dull walls of a bedroom, living room, and foyer or hall areas 3D paneling is the perfect solution for attractive metal designs with a concrete finish.

Digitally Printed 3D Wall Tiles Design

Enrich your living room walls with digitally printed tiles of your own customized piece of art.

Metallic 3D Wall Tiles Design

To optimize the look of a drawing room or living space appealing and royal, opting for metal wall tiles design painted in golden and brown, silver and gray or copper color is a perfect choice.

Gypsum 3D Wall and Ceiling Tiles Design Panel

This 3D tiles design can easily be set up in any living space wall as the back of the bed or sofa background wall or bathroom wall as well as over the ceiling of any room.

Gypsum 3D Wall Tiles Design Panel

Texture 3D Wall Tiles Design

Opt for textured 3D wall tiles to add aesthetics to your foyer area wall as it adds character and texture to a dull wall.

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