Kids Room Decor Types and Themes

Kids Room Decor Types and Themes

CEILING THEMES- NIGHT VIEW: If you are deciding to decorate your kid’s room with something that leaves a glow and shine over the walls and you want it to have an amazing look in the day also then this is perfect for you. This gives an eye-catching view of the room. It is something that will give a fluorescent glow in the room when you turn off the lights. The florescent glowing appearance of the room is on the other side but when we look at the day view of it, it reminds us of the fairy tales of the children and will bring a positive vibe in the life of your children.

CEILING THEMES- DAY VIEW: If you go for the ceiling view you can have an amazing view for the ceilings of your kid’s room. Ceilings will look like an attractive portion of the room and will grant the room a spectacular look. Even the ceiling view at night will give a glowing view when the lights are turned off. But the day view is so great that one cannot stop looking at the ceiling again and again.

GLOW THEME- NIGHT VIEW: Specifically for those who love to make their life like a story. This is basically designed for those who want to give their lives a filmy and a dreamy look, and those who want to live their lives full of drama and all. It is best suited for children who live their lives in melodrama. It gives a glowy green loom at night or when there is total darkness in the room.

GLOW THEME- DAY VIEW: Similar to ceiling view, it will grant a decorative look to your room. It gives a positive and colourful outlook to the kid’s room. It reminds of the fairy tales of the children and will bring a positive vibe in the life of your children.

MAGNETO THEME- NO MAGNET: Every kid wants his room to be a theme-based room in which he/she can act as the main role, be it the Chota bheem role or under the ocean: finding Nemo role. When you select the no magnet theme you cannot attach the magnetic designs to it.

MAGNETO THEME- MAGNET VIEW: Every kid wants his/her life to go on as a story. In magneto theme-with magnet one has the option to play with magnet from which not only the kid learns a lot of stuff but he/she will also enjoy while learning. You can add magnetic items to the wall. This adds grace to the room of your child.

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