The Impact of Colors on Your Life: Exploring Effects & Meanings

The Impact of Colors on Your Life: Exploring Effects & Meanings

Colours that affect your life: Colours have a significant role in our lives. It matters that which colour your wall is painted because it is visible to the human. An all-white home and a wall with bright colours will give different looks to you and will accordingly set thoughts in the human mind. All-white walls will give a sign of peace and humanity on the other hand like red, yellow or green will signify boldness, joy and love towards nature respectively. Colours let us remember things and signify things as we have a tendency to remember things that we see rather than what we listen to.

What colour combinations would let the room look romantic?

If you want to have a room for a couple you can have a dim light and walls can be painted with different shades of red with some texture kind of a thing on one wall and wallpaper of red base on the other. This would give your room a romantic look. Also if you give a combination of golden along with red, it would give a perfect look for a couple. Lamps and vases can embrace the looks of your room.

With which colours the kids will find the room perfect?

If you are planning to have a setup for your kid’s room you have to keep several points in mind, the first one being that you need to colour the room of your child in such a way that he/she always have a positive outlook on everything. The place where your child lives have a great impact on his/her upbringing so one should keep in mind the surroundings that are being offered to your kid so that he/she can have a perfect perspective towards life. One can pick up bright colours for a kids’ bedroom. Bright colours have a tendency to let have an open-minded thought towards life and bring positivity into one’s life.

Will a tinge of light colours be perfect for the guest room?

The guest rooms should be as comfortable and cosy as your own room, always remember they are going to take back the memories with them so make the room in such a manner that you yourself are going to stay there. The Hindi saying “Atithi Devo bhava” which means that guests are equivalent to the almighty should always be kept in mind. Also, the manner the room was decorated will leave an impression of your identity upon them. You need to keep in mind the taste of your guests. Do not go for mainstream ideas and yes! Let your guest room be very spacious so that more and more guests could fit in the room and your personal space during guests’ visits is not intruded. You can go for different colours and textures in your room as only you have to live there and you know your taste and preference but you cannot do the same with the guest room as the guest room is not for a single guest, different people have different taste and preference so you need to keep the guest room light and neutral.

How can you grant your home a rich look?

The most important thing that one needs to make sure of is that the colour that one chooses to paint the exterior of the house is not a dark shade, for instance, black or maroon for that matter. There is a strong reason for not colouring the house’s exterior dark that the dark shades would absorb the sunlight thus causing the warm temperature in the inside of the house. Also, dark colours are harder to get an even look and sheen to on the walls and also dark colours would make the dirt visible over the walls. The colours will affect your personality. And when it comes to the looks of the exterior of your house it will leave an impact on the mind of the person who visits your house. Remember the first impression is the last impression!

What impact do bright colours have on your life?

Bright colours have a tendency to open up our minds and break the stereotypes that exist. Each and every colour has a different meaning. Each and every colour speaks a different language. Each and every colour has got a separate story behind it. All colours play a very significant role in our lives because we take things just the way we visualise them. The colours have a tendency to control our emotions and feelings so it is important for us to know about the colours and how it has an impact on our lives.

  • RED: This symbolises love, anger, strength, passion, fear, violence or fear. It is a very strong colour that hides many emotions and feelings within ourselves. A house gets a bold effect after being painted red.
  • BLUE: It symbolises calmness and soothing nature. It is also regarded as the “BOY COLOUR” because boys generally find blue as their favourite colour. It also reflects the oceans and the water bodies that make our lives balmy. The blue colour over the walls reflects calmness.
  • YELLOW: A colour that indicates joy. Yellow signifies the bright and happy side of life. It may also represent the summer goals that one set by use of yellow colour. Walls when painted yellow signifies joy and happiness.
  • GREEN: Nature and calmness. These are the two things that strike when we see a green wall painted or anything else for that matter. This is one of the reasons that the hospital walls are painted green or else there are green curtains installed in a hospital room.
  • BLACK: Black is a very bold colour that signifies elegance and sophistication. It is often negatively charged but when it comes to the paint of walls it gives a dull effect that may be yet mesmerizing.
  • WHITE: Calmness, humanity, cleanliness and purity. White colours on the walls can make the home have a grant and a royal look giving it a calm look also.
  • BROWN AND COFFEE: Reliability, nature and compatibility. These colours cover the walls of a house will give a very compatible and friendly look to the house.

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