How can you enhance the looks of your Drawing Room?

How can you enhance the looks of your Drawing Room?

The drawing room is generally planned to be at the entrance of your house and everybody is aware of the fact “all that starts well ends well” and so should be the entrance of your home. The first impression is the last impression and your home reflects your personality so you must plan your hall in such a way that the guests have a positive outlook after visiting your house.


One must keep the following tips in their mind before they start to decorate the hall:

1.      Light paint: light paint colour on the walls of your living room grants a subdue environment to your drawing-room. One must not settle down for a particular colour theme say red or green for the drawing-room, it is suggested to use colours like off white, light coffee or light grey for your drawing room as it will make your drawing room look spacious and mollified.


2.      A tinge of greenery: greenery never hurts. It is advisable to plant a plant-like money plant etc. that would make your drawing room happening.


3.      A painting or your memories framed: a painting or your pictures framed can be a very nice idea to cover a large wall on a low budget.


4.      A big clock: Try out for a big clock in your hall it always adds refinement.


5.      Nice curtains: nice curtains that complement the furniture grants a prestigious look to your drawing room.


6.      A television that is a must: television in the drawing-room is a must. You should place your television in such a manner that it is at eye level and you can have shelves etc. nearby your tv.



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