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Things to Remember Before Painting a Room

Things to Remember Before Painting a Room

Things to Remember Before Painting a Room


A fresh look and a new colour can give a new life to a room. Choosing a right colour and a right paint can make your home look beautiful and attractive. Painting our home can be considered as a home improvement job which provide our home a new and fresh look. But before you paint your home, following things you must know to make your job easier and your home hometo look more bright.
1. Select the right paint
It is said that quality matters more than quantity. So we must select a paint which be resistance to wear and tear. That should remain effective and should maintain its colour for a good period of time.
Choosing a quality paint help to save your money as quality paints work for a good period of time. Therefore you can paint your home in every four to five years instead of painting it in every one or two years.
2. Colour Combination
Bright colours makes the room feel alive, so chose bright colours instead of dull colours to paint your home. Different shades of blue can be used in combination for the living room. Shades of Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow can give a warm look to the home. Following colour combination can be used for home and offices.
1) Aqua blue and White

2) Light green and Dark green

3)Orange and Light yellow

4) Orange and Gray 

5) Pumkin, Cream and Brown

6) Teal and Brown

7) Turquoise and Green

8) Beige and Turquoise

9) Mustard Yellow, Red and Blue

10) White and Blue

11) Turquoise and Yellow

12) Lemon and Gray

13) White and Yellow

14) Peachy- Orange
3. Clearing the Wall
It is important to clean the wall before applying the paint. Dust and clean the walls. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) is recommended by paint manufacturers before applying the paint. TSP is an white powder that can be mixed with water to produce mild cleaning solution. The scrubbing of walls removes dirt, oil or grease of the walls. By using sand paper remove the wallpaper or worn out paint off the walls. If required remove old paint or wallpapers and wash the surface with diluted washing liquid and hot water. Cleaning the walls before painting will result in even colour on the wall and there will be less chances of the blisters.
Clear the room and cover the things
Before painting your room empty the room as much as possible so that you have more free area to work easily. If you cant move the furniture out of the room then shift the heavy furniture to the centre and cover them with plastic sheet or cloth to prevent them from paint. Remove the wallpapers, take down the pictures, remove the curtains, put the tape on the wooden window and remove the electric items or switch them off. Cover the doors to prevent them from paint drips. Also cover the floor with plastic sheet or canvas drop cloths to save yourself with extra work of cleaning the floor. Bed sheets or paper drop cloths won't protect your floor from paint drips. While painting your door cover the door handle and knob with plastic sheet or tape to prevent it from getting coloured.
4. Choose right quality tools
Choosing the right quality of tools is very important. Buying right quality brush, air sprayer or paint roller will make your job an easy task. Select brush which does not spread quickly and whose wires are not too hard. A right brush paint rollers will help the paint to spread evenly. Therefore do your homework to get the right tools even if it takes little extra money.
Important tools for painting
a. Paint

b. Paint roller extension pole 

c. Paint roller 

d. Drop cloths 

e. Paint brushes 

f. Paint tray 

g. Sand paper 

g. Painter's tape 

h. Rags 

i. Putty knife 

j. Staircase etc.

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