Mastering the Art: How to Paint Over Wallpaper Successfully

Mastering the Art: How to Paint Over Wallpaper Successfully

Yes, you heard that right! One need not peel off the wallpaper before he has to start off with the painting procedure. If the wallpaper is not torn and in a good condition then it is recommended to paint over the wallpaper so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the walls.

These are the following steps that you need to take before starting to prime and paint over the wallpaper.

  • Firstly, you have to make sure that the wallpaper is not damaged as it may lead to peeling off after the painting procedure is over. If the wallpaper is already torn or damaged from any side you need to add adhesives so as to minimize the chances of the falling paper. You need to do this at the centres and also at the edges.
  • You need to apply a joint compound over the wallpaper so as to give it a smooth base for the priming and painting process and leave it to dry.
  • After the joint compound is dry, the most important part comes when you have to apply primer to the wallpaper that will help to hold on to the paint and will make the paint durable and stable. We recommend you to use oil-based primer because, on a surface like that of wallpaper, oil-based primer is gonna show the best of the results. Once you have completed the priming process, leave it to dry and make sure that the room is well aerated.
  • Then comes the last step. The most interesting one! PAINTING! So after the priming is completed and the primer is well dried up you have to select the colour scheme for the wall according to the room and then pick up the exact colour from the colour card and get set go! While painting you need to remember that you apply the colour well and in such a manner that it gives a smooth finish. Apply coats as per your wish. The darker you want, the more the coats will be needed. The room should be well ventilated so that the colour dries up quickly. We recommend you to use oil-based paints as they will not let the wallpaper have bubbles or problems like peeling, etc.

So now you go!

You are ready to paint over the wallpapers. Take your brush and rollers and start up giving new look to your room and make it happen.


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