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How can you make your Bathroom look Spacious?

How can you make your Bathroom look Spacious?


So you feel exhausted in your bathroom? Here is everything you need to know to set up a perfect interior of your washroom to make it look spacious that too without applying much effort:



Old yet traditional! This is one of the old techniques that people use to make their bathrooms look spacious.  Parallel mirror not only add a feature of making your bathroom look spacious but also it gives a modern look to your washroom.



One must not install dark colored tiles in a bathroom as it will give a dull look, instead one should try out light colors (we won’t suggest an all-white kind of a bathroom but, off-white and light grey would work) to make the bathroom look spacious.



These are my personal favorite. 3D tiles not only give your bathroom a spacious look but also, they add an adventurous kind of a look to your bathroom..



 Lightings do affect the looks of a place, be it your drawing room or your bathroom. In order to present your bathroom as a spacious one you must plan out for proper lights and lamps in your washroom. P.S. do not forget the focal lights on top of the mirror.



While selecting the furniture for your bathroom you must make sure that you select small basins etc. so that they do not cover a lot of space in your bathroom and leave a major portion of your washroom for the bathing area.

Give your bathroom a rambling look :)

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