Demystifying Oil-Based Distemper: Properties and Applications

Demystifying Oil-Based Distemper: Properties and Applications

What is Oil Based Distemper?

Oil-based distemper is a normal distemper or water-based paint, as you may call it, with some added drying oils that help the paint to spread and dry with ease.

Oil-based distemper is ideal for interior usage and is also used for ceiling decoration. Oil-based distemper comes in a variety of shades and so you can pick up the best-suited colour for your home. It gives a smooth matt finish and enhances the looks of your home with its premium quality and finish. The add-on feature that makes oil-based distempers noticeable is that it is non-flammable and environment friendly.

Oil-based distemper is economical as compared to other paints or distempers. These distempers dry as soon as it is applied over the walls and so saves time and efforts.

So if you are deciding to adorn your home with some fresh paint then oil-based distemper can be the perfect option for you.


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