Discover Innovative False Ceiling Design Patterns & Ideas

Discover Innovative False Ceiling Design Patterns & Ideas

Discover Innovative False Ceiling Design Patterns & Ideas

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False Ceiling Design, Patterns & Paint Coloured New Ceiling Design Ideas in 2023

Nowadays false ceilings are in trend. Homeowners have a keen interest in interior decoration and when it comes to home decoration the renovation of walls and ceiling paint colour designs comes prior to anything else in mind.
False ceilings are not just for aesthetics but also provide a utility package in numerous ways. For instance, false ceilings are useful in reducing energy consumption as they can reflect and diffuse light thus obviating the use of unnecessary lighting requirements. These panels offer features like minimizing and enhancing sound effects, fire safety, and moisture resistance benefits too. One can customize false ceiling panels according to their requirements. So let's have a look at different types of false ceiling installation average cost per sq.ft, colour combination, and new design ideas trending in 2023.

What is a False Ceiling Design?

A false ceiling is created using different materials to give the designer a look at the ceiling. It is usually suspended below the existing main ceiling with wooden or metal frames. Sometimes allowing the display of some parts of the main ceiling, also called dropped ceilings. Generally, false ceilings are mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the existing ceilings. 

Average Cost False Ceiling per sqft

Different materials used in the preparation of false ceilings provide different features so the classification of false ceiling panels can be based on the type of material used. Given below are some popular types of false ceiling and their installation cost per sq.ft.
Types of False Ceilings
Average cost per sq.ft
Gypsum False Ceilings ₹ 50 - 150
Plaster of Paris (POP) False Ceilings
₹ 50 -150
Glass False Ceilings ₹ 350 - 400
Aluminum Composite Panel ₹ 170 - 180
Acrylic False Ceilings ₹ 150 - 160
PVC False Ceilings ₹ 110 -  120
Wood False Ceilings ₹ 80 - 650
Armstrong False Ceilings ₹ 95 - 100

Types of False Ceilings Design 

  • Single layered false ceiling designs
  • Multi-layered false ceiling designs
  • Elaborate false ceiling designs with POP
  • Coffered false ceiling designs
  • Peripheral false ceiling designs
  • Box shape false ceiling design
  • Geometric false ceiling design
  • Wooden slats false ceiling designs
  • Lattice work false ceiling design
  • Inverted cove false ceiling design
  • Simple and minimal false ceiling design

Ideas for Bedroom and Main Hall

According to the size and height of the rooms false ceiling designs should be selected. However, there is no specific rule in terms of deciding false ceiling designs for particular spaces. Some of the popular options you might consider are.

Main Hall False Ceiling Design

Opting for a multi-layered false ceiling design for the main entrance hall is the best option. Layering can help to match the interiors as well as different colours in layers of design, create customized ceiling design, and creates an illusion of a bigger room. 
Add dramatic appearance by installing a Coffered pattern ceiling design as it creates a larger height of the room and different dimensions inside the room.
Make a fashion statement and flaunt your creativity by installing a latticework ceiling design. 
Geometric False Ceiling Design
Boxes pattern geometric false ceiling design is best suited for decor purposes at parties or any different occasions.

Bedroom False Ceiling Design


POP False Ceiling Design

Glam your bedroom by adding lighting design with a pattern or paneling of POP to make your space unique.
Create a warm and cozy ambiance in your bedroom with a wooden false ceiling. you can make it unique by pairing wood slats with POP or gypsum.
Choosing a vaulted ceiling design for the bedroom is a statement piece to make the room come to life.
Create a gorgeous false ceiling design by selecting an abstract geometric pattern for your bedroom.

Cooling systems like AC in False ceiling Design

Ceiling vents works better in terms of cooling the entire space. Therefore, installing an air conditioner in the gypsum false ceiling helps to maintain the temperature of the room during summer as well as enhances the beauty of the room.

Modern Sound System in False Ceiling

Armstrong's false ceiling is made up of recycled newspaper, perlite, fiberglass, mineral wool, and binding agents, which makes them sound-resistant. Therefore it is best suited for a sound system as the loud sound of music does not interfere with the outside environment of the house.

Decor Ceiling with New Colour ideas

White and Black POP Colour 

The combination of the black and white colour ceiling can match any other colour of walls and gives a neat and modern look to the room.

Purple and White False Ceiling

To create an elegant atmosphere and modern look to the space, this colour combination is perfect.

Sea Blue and White False Ceiling Colour

For a dramatic appearance, a dark and light colour combination of ceiling colour is perfect. They provide a contrasting colour combination between the ceiling and walls of the room.

Wooden False Ceiling Colour

Wood colour paint ceiling gives a natural feel of nature and freshness to the room environment. 


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