False Ceiling Guide: Materials & Types

False Ceiling Guide: Materials & Types

False Ceiling:

A false ceiling is installed below the RCC ceiling of the room with the help of a suspension cord. It is also known as the drop-down ceiling.

False ceiling made from different types of material has its own characteristics and cost. You can give an attractive design to your room by getting the false ceiling installed on the basis of your capability.

When a false ceiling has installed the height of the room is reduced by 4 to 8 inches. so it is necessary to keep So it is necessary to consider the height of the room's rcc ceiling before planning to install a false ceiling. A false ceiling is the best option for old buildings where electric wiring is visible or cracks in the ceiling due to siping moisture.

A false ceiling is the best way of innovating old buildings with a new and attractive look. Let us see the types of false ceilings based on material.

Types of False Ceiling Materials

  1. Plaster of Paris false ceiling
  2. Gypsum board false ceiling
  3. PVC false ceiling
  4. Wooden false ceiling
  5. Fiber false ceiling
  6. Metal false ceiling
  7. Glass false ceiling

Plaster of pairs (POP) False Ceiling

Gypsum material is a mineral found from the earth's crust during mining. It's chemical name is hydrous calcium sulfate. Through heating of gypsum at high temperature, 3/4 of the water present in it is removed. After this the remaining powder is known as Paris. After adding water to this powder, plaster material is prepared. Which on drying gets converted into hard gypsum. Plaster of Paris / POP is used for coating and decorating of false ceilings.

False ceiling made of POP material is durable and does not require maintenance. In addition, the POP false ceiling protects the room from the effects of heat, thus acting as an insulator of hot temperature. The ceiling of the room can be given an attractive look by molding.

The cost of POP false ceiling is less as compared to gypsum board false ceiling. However, along with the cheap and durable property, the POP false ceiling is prone to cracks as it gets older by time.

Gypsum Board False Ceiling

This type of false ceiling comes as a factory-made board from gypsum material. Which is hung from the main ceiling with the help of an aluminum or iron frame.

After this, one or two coatings of desired paints are used for giving a uniform flat ceiling shape.

You can change its appearance matching to interiors by applying wallpaper of your choice. Gypsum board false ceilings are available in different thicknesses. They are preferred for being light in weight, easy to clean and easy to apply. Being a good insulator of hot temperatures and cheaper in cost gypsum board false ceiling is preferred in buildings where central air-conditioned systems are used like public premises, factories etc.The estimated price depending on the quality of the gypsum board is Rs. 45 - 180 per sq. ft.

PVC False Ceiling

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) being a plastic, it is termite resistant, damp proof and fire resistant. This type of false ceiling is prefered to install in places like bathrooms, garages, kitchens, basements etc.

PVC False Ceiling is suitable for decorating the ceiling of a rented office or house as it can be easily removed and reinstalled.

PVC sheets are Available in various colors and patterns and it's false ceiling is resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Due to which there is no problem of discoloration or cracking due to sunlight. It is attached to the main ceiling with the help of screws after framing of iron or steel. The cost of PVC false ceiling will be around Rs.75 per square feet in the market.

Wooden False Ceiling

The wooden false ceiling gives the effect of nature's elegance to the interior decoration of the room. It is mostly made of hardwood woods like teak wood, MDF wood etc. The price can vary depending on the quality of the wood.

Wood false ceiling is the most expensive of all the other types of false ceiling. In addition to the high cost, it can also include more expenditure for maintenance and termite protection.

Wood false ceilings can also be used by compiling with POP, gypsum, metal, glass, etc. In this type of arrangement, wood's hollow blocks, boards and panels are used to form decorative linings of the false ceiling. It is also available in many finishes such as melamine, natural varnished wood, lacquered, laminates (CPL), etc.

Fiber False Ceiling

Fiber false ceilings are known for their ability to act as soundproof as well as insulators against hot temperatures. This type of false ceiling is less prefered for homes due to lack of attractive variety and pattern.

The fiber false ceiling is made of natural and synthetic materials such as bitumen, tar, vegetable fibers, wood and stone are combined to make fiber ceilings.

Due to its sound and fire-resistant property, it is widely used in ceilings of commercial buildings, in high noise locations such as shopping malls, showrooms and offices etc.

Metal False Ceiling

Metal roof tiles are available in a variety of finishes such as steel, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum. Such ceiling tiles can be tailored to suit any decor. These can be tinted to suit the color and environment. Metal roofs are mold and mildew resistant as well as have fire resistant properties.

These can be easily removed and reinstalled. This type of false ceiling is suitable for water pipes, AC ducts and electrical wiring. Metal false ceilings require very little maintenance.

Glass False Ceiling

Due to the transparent effect of the glass false ceiling, it is used to enhance the brightness of showrooms, restaurants, jewelry shops etc. It can be used to enhance the living room of the house.

Although the transparency of a glass false ceiling can be reduced by painting it with the matching colour of the interior. but due to lack of durability glass false ceiling is very rarely in use.

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