Current False Ceiling Rates in India: Complete Guide 2024

Current False Ceiling Rates in India: Complete Guide 2024

False Ceiling Cost in India?

False ceilings are the best way to give the room an elegant and decorative look. Besides this false ceilings are good external sound and additional heat insulators. Thus making the room more comfortable. Apart from this, it also helps in hiding electrical wires and stains of dampness on the ceiling surface. So let's see some of the most popular false ceiling design ideas and costs in India.

POP vs Gypsum vs Wood False Ceiling

Features POP False Ceiling
Gypsum False Ceiling
Wood False Ceiling
False Ceiling rate per sq.ft in India POP False Ceiling can range between Rs 75 - 125 per sq.ft Gypsum False Ceiling can range between Rs 85 - 400 per sq.ft Wood False Ceiling can range between Rs 120- 1800 per sq.ft
Durability It can last beyond 20 years It can stay for 15 - 20 years High-quality wood false ceilings last for 15 years
False Ceiling Maintenance It requires less maintenance.Dust accumulation on the Ceiling surface can be easily cleaned with the help of a soft cloth or broom Dust accumulation can be cleaned with a broom or dry smooth ragged cloth. If the Ceiling is painted with luster or oil based paint can be cleaned using damp soft cloth
Dust accumulation and dampness in wooden false ceilings is the major problem in terms of maintenance. Apart from this wooden surface is susceptible to attract termites as it takes more effort in terms of maintenance
Best type of place to install Best to install in Small shops, studios, living rooms and bedrooms Best to install in the living rooms, halls, and kitchens Best to install cold climate places, big hotels, offices or work spaces, drawing rooms and less usable spaces of the house

False Ceiling Designs

False Ceilings are categorized based on different materials to provide various kinds of features. Polyvinyl chloride false is mostly used for bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. For large room spaces like hall and living rooms, Plaster of Paris false ceiling is preferred as it has low maintenance, affordable, water resistant, and durability-like features. For bedrooms, guest rooms, and dining room gypsum board, wooden false ceilings are the most common choice in modern homes.

False Ceiling Designs for Hall

Plaster of Paris false ceiling requires less maintenance. It is attractive as well as durable, due to which it is most preferred.
By covering the center of the ceiling with Plaster of Paris and using wooden panels all around, the False Ceiling gives an attractive artistic look to the hall area.
  1. The layered false ceiling design looks simple yet stylish.
  2. Gypsum False Ceiling Design
  3. Wooden False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

  • Gypsum False Ceiling Design
  • Plaster of Paris False Ceiling Design
  • Wood False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs For Bedrooms

  • POP False Ceiling Design
  • Wood Paneled Ceiling Design
  • Wood and Glass False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs for Guest Bedroom

  • Criss Cross Pop False Ceiling Design
  • Ply Paneling False Ceiling Design

  • Wooden Rafter around the edges False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs for Office or Workspace

For offices and workspaces a suspended Ceiling is considered to be an affordable solution. Because it has the properties of acoustics, thermal insulation and fire resistance.
PVC False Ceiling Design is also referred for offices and workspaces as it is cost-effective and long - lasting in terms of durability.
  • PVC False Ceiling Design
  • Gypsum False Ceiling Design
  • POP-based False Ceiling Design

  • 3D False Ceiling Design for Office Reception

False Ceiling Designs for Small Shop or Studio

Gypsum board false Ceiling and Plaster of Paris /POP are among the most popular choices of false Ceiling for small shops/studios as popfalse Ceiling cut downs the energy bills and requires low maintenance. whereas a gypsum board false Ceiling is heat resistant.

  • Abstract Shaped POP False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs for Big Commercial Space

A Suspended Ceiling is commonly used in commercial buildings, and retail spaces as it gives Designer flexibility. wood ceilings are mostly suspended using commercial T-bar grids, which are cost - effective. POP is another cost effective as well as aesthetic andelegant option. Beam ceilings are usually found in hotel hallways and corridors for commercial settings.
  • Suspended Ceiling

  • Beam Ceiling
  • POP Ceiling Design for Industrial Interior

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