Mastering Duco Painting: Techniques and Applications

Mastering Duco Painting: Techniques and Applications

Mastering Duco Painting: Techniques and Applications

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  1. What is Duco painting for wood and metal paint?
  2. What are the terms Lacquer matt and Lacquer Duco in Duco painting?
  3. PU Paint
  4. Where can we use Duco paint?
  5. MRF Metal Coat Primer Surfacer Grey 
  6. MRF Freshwood Interior Matt 
  7. Duco Synthetic Clear Varnish
  8. Duco Oil Primer Redoxide
  9. Duco Primer Surfacer (PS) White
  10. Duco Colours on Wood
  11. Duco Colours on Metal
  12. Duco Regent White On Wood
  13. Duco Regent White On Metal
  14. What are the factors affecting the cost of duco painting?

Duco paint for wood and metal paint is solvent-based toluene-free, quick-drying, and has non-fading properties. Having quick drying properties makes it efficient for manufacturing aerosol spray coatings for industrial, and factory applications and for everyday domestic applications of things not able to paint by using brushes like cane baskets and furniture, etc.


Lacquer Duco is a paint product under the duco paint brand. It is available in a transparent and opaque finish.
Lacquer duco is the term used for Duco Spray Primer. It is a gray duco spray general-purpose primer used for painting uneven metal or wooden surfaces, particularly for objects difficult to paint by brush. primer needs to be diluted in clear lacquer for the protection of polished brass, and aluminum metal surfaces. 
Let’s compare the purpose of using PU paint, DuPont paint, and Bilux paint from duco paint for finding similarities.
It is an oil-based paint product. So it has waterproof and high-sheen properties used in automobiles and metal furniture painting and refinishing work.
It is used as the finish coat in industries like automotive and commercial transport vehicles, offshore and onshore oil & gas structural steel, vessels, accommodation modules, pipeline externals, and retail and commercial architectural and structural steelwork paneling.
It is used in Automotive industries to paint automobiles for both protective and decorative purposes.
It is originally used only for painting automobiles, Duco is a premium quality air-drying paint brand, which is used for painting all types of wood or metal surfaces. It is available in a matte and glossy finish.
All the above paint products are used for automobile painting but duco paint is different from them due to the quality of being used for painting wooden surfaces as well.
Duco paint can be used to paint both wooden and metallic objects. Wooden surfaces, it is used to hide wood grains during the painting process. Due to its versatility and properties such as non-yellowing anticorrosive enamel, glossy sheen level, waterproof and fast drying, it is suitable for both interior and exterior purposes.
It can be used for painting cots, bookshelves, shutters, partitions, automobiles, aluminum shades, window frames, doors, trims, and sills.
Duco product types and their use according to the surface condition are as follows:

Duco Regent White

It is a Pigmented Nitrocellulose Lacquer used for spraying onto prepared wooden and metallic surfaces to achieve an opaque finish.

MRF Metal Coat Primer Surfacer White

It is a polyurethane-based primer cum surfacer for priming wooden and metal surfaces.

Duco Paint

This paint product has excellent wear resistance and solid finish durability properties. Hence good for fabrications, metal gates, grills, wooden furniture made up of plywood and medium density fibreboards (MDF).

Duco Primer Surfacer (PS) White

It is a white primer and surface-level enhancer used for duco and other automotive paints.

Duco Thinner

It is used as a thinner for Duco and Duco Ancillaries.

Duco Oil Primer Redoxide

It is used for base coating onto mild steel surfaces. Its iron oxide pigments suspended in Nitro Cellulose (NC) gives rust protection.

Duco PU Clear

It is used for top coating in wooden and metal surfaces for achieving high gloss performance.

MRF Metal Coat Primer Surfacer Grey

It is used as an undercoating for polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, and enamel paint finishes.

Duco Synthetic Clear Varnish

It is used for wooden surfaces by brushing or spraying.

MRF Freshwood Interior Matt

It is used for interior woods for achieving a polyurethane (PU) transparent matt finish.
  • What exactly is the procedure to apply the product for repainting & fresh painting on new & old wood and metal surface?
The procedure to apply a product for repainting & fresh painting on new & old wood and metal surface are as follows:


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