2 BHK Painting Cost Guide | Budget-Friendly Tips 2024

2 BHK Painting Cost Guide | Budget-Friendly Tips 2024

Cost of 2 BHK Painting and other factors

The cost of 2 BHK paintings in India depends on several factors as we have different weather conditions in different regions. So deciding the type of paint plays an essential role in cost estimation. Then comes the most important factors: the area of the house, fresh painting or repainting, condition of walls, paint brand type, painting material cost and labour cost.
Additional painting cost estimation effects of hiring professional or general painters, variation of painting cost prevailing in metro cities. For a general idea of painting 2 BHK flat, let's take a look at the cost of painting 2 BHK and other factors.

How to choose right paint products

Paint Category

Water-based Paints (distemper, luster, texture, emulsion)

Oil-based Paints (enamel, emulsion, luster)

Characteristics Flexibility Tolerance of surface contraction and expansion without cracking. Less Tolerance of surface contraction and expansion. Therefore more susceptible of cracking.
Durability Excellent UV durability, resistant to chaliking and colour fade. Less susceptible to environmental conditions like temperature and humidity.
Zero or low levels of VOCS
High levels of VOCS
Sheen levels Low sheen level but maintains it for a longer duration of time. Higher sheen level but becomes duller over the time.
More suitable for the exterior use.
More suitable for the interior use.
Applications Surface conditions Can tolerate a small amount of moisture on the application surface. Oil based paints repel water as a result, unable to create strong adhesion bonding to the surface.
Clean-up It Is easier to clean up the painted surface. It needs special thinners to use in the cleaning process.
Drying time Touch dry 30-60 minutes 6-8 hours
Ready for recoat 2-3 hours 16-20 hours
Fully dry 1-4 weeks 2-3 days

Choosing right brand and paint product

Using acrylic paint is the great choice for creating textural effects both abstract and figurative. you can achieve the amount of thickness needed for creating different texture on the wall's surface.You can choose the paint brand as per your requirement given in below table :

List of 10 top paint brands in India

  1. Asian Paints
  2. Berger Paints
  3. Kansai Nerolac Paints
  4. Nippon Paints
  5. Shalimar Paints,
  6. Jenson and Nicholson Paints
  7. AkzoNobel Paints
  8. British Paints
  9. Jotun Paints
  10. JSW paints

Type of paint and their cost per sqft

Type of Paint Painting cost per sq.ft
Basic Paint (Emulsion) ₹8 -15
Enamel ₹ 15 -20
Textured ₹ 80 - 300
Advanced (Royale Paints) ₹ 17 - 30
Distemper ₹ 8 - 11

Additional Painting cost per sqft

Wall care putty

It is a white cement-based material used for applying before primer and coat of paint to ensure strong binding of paint to the wall surface, water resistance, and a smooth finishing coverage of paint.
Putty costs ₹ 50 per kg, the coverage area of 1kg putty is 15 to 35 sq.ft and costs ₹ 4 per sq.ft including labour cost.
Exterior and interior water-based primer is used before applying paint on the surface of the wall. It ensures better adhesion of paint and increases the paint's durability.
The cost of primer varies from ₹ 140-200 per liter, the coverage area is 201- 270 sq. ft/liter and the priming cost including labour is around ₹ 3 per sq.ft.
Conditions of walls includes fresh painting or repainting. Repainting needs touch-up with putty, a coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint. Whereas fresh painting needs 1-2 coats of putty, a coat of primer, and 2-3 coats of paint. So repainting costs less than the fresh painting of a house.
The next factor of painting impacts the cost is 2 BHK house or flat to be painted as 2 BHK flat needs to be painted interior only. Whereas 2 BHK houses need to be painted both exteriors as well as interior.

Choosing right colours and shades

Colours can play magic in our daily life. It creates a soothing effect on our eyes and reflects a sense of appealing visual effect. So follow these tips for selecting colours shades for our dream house.
  • Create a colour scheme matching your interior furniture.
  • Green, gray, blue like bolder colour choices are the most popular living room colours in the year 2022.
  • Soft tones colours like sage green, pale violet, beige, and dreamy pink makes your room feel bigger and full of light. So choose soft tones colours for the darker space of the house.
  • Calm wall colours like blush pink, timber log wall colours reflect a soothing and peaceful environment for the dining experience.
  • White colour emits the feeling of an airy and clean environment and is best for a study room, or office.
  • Bold, vibrant colours are great for the bedroom.
  • Orange colour scheme fulfills more courage, confidence, and the feeling of cooperation. So it is great for choosing a kid's room.
  • Neutral colours like beige, white, and taupe are trending colours for rental properties.

In this way using colour theory you can create a magical environment in your house.

Painting cost of 2 BHK

Painting cost of 2 BHK depends on the paint materials and the surface area required to be painted.
The painting labour cost is around 3/2 times of the incurred material cost. For example if the material cost per sq.ft including labour cost is -
Putty ₹ 4 per sq.ft, wall primer ₹ 3 per sq.ft, wall paint ₹ 13 per sq.ft then overall cost of painting a house per sq.ft is = ₹4+ ₹3 + ₹13= ₹ 20 ( 2 coat putty +1 coat primer +2 coat paint + labour charges).
So if the house area to paint is 1000 sq.ft then painting cost will be = 1000x4 (sides of wall) x 20 = ₹ 80,000.


Painting cost that affects other than the paint includes labour charges, painting materials like putty, primer, fresh painting or repairing locality of house and the paint brand selection.

Generally painting labour cost of a house is around 1.5 times of the incurred material cost. For example if painting material cost is = ₹5,000 , then the labour cost is Rs = 3/2* 6,000 = ₹ 9,000.
The process of repainting of 2 BHK needs touch up with putty, a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. Whereas fresh painting needs 1-2 coats of putty, a coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint.

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