Top 10 Room Transformations: Paint Art Wall Decor Ideas

Top 10 Room Transformations: Paint Art Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor paint ideas are a one-time investment for creating a home interior. Along with making the walls durable for a long time, it also helps in keeping the interior of the house fresh for years. It gives a royal look to the decor as well as adds to the beauty of the house. So let's have a look at some of the wall decor ideas by paint art.

Stencils Wall Paint Art

Wall stencil designs are very helpful and easy-to-use painting tools. They are available in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, and shapes. One can mix and match patterns to carve imaginative pieces of art on walls.
Stencil wall paint can be used to decorate the main walls of any room. For example - Cherry blossom wall stencils for the bedroom, cloud wall stencils for the kid’s room, and mandala pattern stencils are suitable for both room's accent wall and ceiling decor.

Texture Wall Paint Art

This type of wall paint art creates roughly patterned effects on the walls. Textured wall paint art includes a variety of patterns such as smooth texture, sand texture, knockdown texture, popcorn texture, orange peel texture, slap brush texture, skip trowel, etc.

Brick Texture

Decorate the accent wall of the room with bricks Texture paint by applying complementary colors like white and red, green and brown, sea green and blue, etc to add glamor to the surroundings.

Mix and Match Paint Design With Tiles

In this form of wall paint design idea painters usually mix and match tiles with wall paint colour and floor tiles colour to turn the wall into an accent wall.


This form of wall painting art is also called crackle glaze. because a wall painted in the antiquing form of art looks similar to weather-beaten aged walls.

Wood Grain

Wood grain paint finish creates the look of natural wood. The painted wall recreates the resemblance like a wooden wall.

Metallics Style Wall Paint

Using Metallic wall paint, a variety of special effects such as crinkle, weaving, canvas, colorwash, ragging, combing, brushing, spatula can be created on the wall to decorate in a customized way.

Textile Wall Paint Art

Spruce up your interior walls with the all new Textile range of designer paint finishes. A wide range of textile wall art patterns are available to choose from such as denim texture for an energetic atmosphere, jute texture for a classy choice, crushed silk texture leaves an effect of grandeur in the room, feel calm with kora grass texture, Mesmerize your guests with yarn texture effect.

Rustic Texture

This form of wall paint art will take you back to the era of old houses with rusted iron sheds. This paint texture creates an environment with a unique feeling of the olden days.

Geometric Wall Paint Art

Playing with shapes and colors on the walls is fun for all age groups. So arrange the shapes on your wall and play with the colors in it. Wall art in the form of geometric designs will also add design, color, pattern, and style to your living space. geometric designs include geometric murals, mountain effect texture, random geometric shapes, diagonal geometric lines, etc.

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