Budgeting 3 BHK Painting: Cost Analysis and Options 2024

Budgeting 3 BHK Painting: Cost Analysis and Options 2024

Cost of 3 BHK Painting and Other Factors

While planning to paint your 3 BHK dream house the first thing that comes to mind is which type and quantity of paint will be good to use for the purpose. Because this aspect of the painting project plays an important role in estimating the painting cost of the project, Then secondly additional painting needs should be included such as primer, putty, labour charges to determine the 3 BHK painting cost.
It's always a wise decision to calculate the amount of paint and overall painting cost before handover the project to the painter. So let’s discuss how to estimate the accurate painting cost of 3 BHK.

Choose the right brand and paint product

Below given the different types of paint products and their characteristics to help you choose the right paint product.
Paint Category Water-based Paints (distemper, luster, texture, emulsion) Oil-based Paints (enamel, emulsion, luster)
Characteristics Flexibility Tolerance of surface contraction and expansion without cracking.
Tolerance of surface contraction and expansion without cracking.
Less Tolerance of surface contraction and expansion.
Therefore more susceptible to cracking
Durability Excellent UV durability, resistance to chalking, and colour fade. Less susceptible to environmental conditions like temperature and humidity.
Emissions Zero or low levels of VOCs.
High levels of VOCs
Sheen levels Low sheen level but maintains it for a longer duration of time. Higher sheen level but becomes duller over the time.
More suitable for exterior use.
More suitable for interior use.
Applications Surface conditions Can tolerate a small amount of moisture on the application surface. Oil-based paints repel water as a result, unable to create strong adhesion bonding to the surface.
Clean up It Is easier to clean up the painted surface. It needs special thinners to use in the cleaning process.
Drying time Touch dry 30-60 minutes 6-8 hours
Ready for recoat 2-3 hours 16-20 hours
Fully dry 1-4 weeks 2-3 days

Choose the right Colour and Shades

When deciding colour shades for interior wall painting first approach for the type of paint and then according to paint characteristics choose the neutral, dark or light colour of your choice. For instance, dark colour shades with high gloss paint will contribute to dimming the light in the room. Similarly darker areas need light colour shades with a high gloss effect makes the darker areas full of light.
Always choose lighter colour shades and matty sheen level for painting the ceiling as flat paint will not reflect light or draws attention away from the room furnishing. Do not choose a darker colour for the ceiling as it contributes to feeling the room wall height lower than usual.

Covering and Masking of Non-paintable areas

Before starting the painting job masking tape will be applied to cover the areas that need not be painted. In this process, always start painting the ceiling first and then the wall. So while painting the ceiling, place the masking tape on the wall about 1/8 inch down from the ceiling. Then place a second piece on the ceiling about 1/8 inch from the wall, running a caulk line along the opening between the two strips of masking tape and then running the wet finger along the caulk to smooth. After painting the ceiling area, remove the tape.

Types of paint and cost per sqft

Type of Paint Painting Cost per sq.ft
Basic Paint (Emulsion) ₹8 -15
Enamel ₹ 15 -20
Advanced (Royale Paints) ₹ 17 - 30
Distemper ₹ 8 - 11
Texture Designs ₹ 80 - 300

Additional cost per sq.ft depends on the factors given below:

Painting Requirements Price per sq.ft Material+ Labour charges
Fresh Painting ₹ 20 - 38
Repainting ₹ 10 - 28
Interior Painting ₹ 12 - 35
Balcony Painting ₹ 11 - 18
Putty ₹ 4 (per coat)

Condition of the walls

It includes the wall area needs to be touch-ups with putty, fresh or repainting projects and the high cost affecting factor is whether an apartment or independent flat to be painted.
There is a big difference between the 3 BHK cost of painting an apartment and an independent house because an apartment needs to be painted interior only whereas for an independent house interior and exterior both painting cost is added.
Similarly, there is a difference in painting cost of fresh painting and repainting of the house. Fresh painting needs 1-2 coats of putty for leveling the surface of walls, a coat of primer, and 2-3 coats of paint. Whereas repainting needs only damaged areas to be touched up with putty, a coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint. Therefore repainting costs less than a fresh painting project.

Wall Care Putty

It is the basic material used for leveling the surface and strong bondage of paint to stick long-lasting paint performance as it prevents water seepage in the painted walls.
It costs ₹ 50 per kg and a coverage area of 1kg putty is 15 to 35 sq.ft. The cost of applying putty including labour charges is ₹ 4 per sq.ft.

Wall Primer

It is used after applying the putty on the wall surface. Primer needs to apply in the painting process for better absorption of paint. However, it is not always essential for applying in a repainting project especially if the repainting surface is in good condition or if you are going to apply dark colour paint over the light colour painted surface.
1-liter primer provides a coverage area of 201-270 per sq.ft and the cost of primer varies ₹ 140-200 per liter.

Painting Labour Cost of 3 BHK

The painting labour cost is around 3/2 ( 1.5 times) of the incurred material cost. For example, if the material cost is ₹ 15,000, the labour cost would be -3/2 * 15,000 = ₹ 22,500.


  • Factors affecting the cost to paint 3 BHK?
Factors affecting the cost of painting 3 BHK are the total area of the property, repainting or fresh painting, apartment, or independent house.
  • What is the process of fresh and repainting of 3 BHK?
Fresh painting needs 1-2 coats of putty for leveling the surface of walls, a coat of primer, and 2-3 coats of paint. Whereas repainting needs only damaged areas to be touch up with putty, a coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint.
  • How to choose colours for 3 BHK paintings?
Choose a colour scheme that matches the home's furniture. Pick warmer (orange, bright yellow, gray, red) and cool colour shades (blue, violet, purple) according to the use of the room. Light and neutral colour shades for small and dull spaces and dark colour shades for large and full of light.

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