Exploring Top 5 Paint Design Types for Stunning Spaces

Exploring Top 5 Paint Design Types for Stunning Spaces

Top 5 Paint Design Types That Will Transform Your Home

Walls play an important role in the exterior and interior decoration of houses. various colors and artifacts have been used by humans on the walls of the house since ancient times.

Today modern man has found a way to decorate the walls of houses with various types of texture paints to give life to his imagination. Nowadays, the main attraction of modern home decoration is the countless designs of texture paints. So let's see the texture paint design idea to enhance the beauty of the walls.

Stencils Pattern Wall Paint Design for Hall

Painting the main wall of the hall in a golden color stencil pattern will add a classic effect to the interior decoration.

Crinkle Paint Design for Study Room

Painted using household tissue paper or sponge, the crinkle paint design is perfect for giving a designer look to a feature wall of a study room.Its simple colouring method can create a sense of creativity in children.

Wooden Texture Paint Design for Dining Room

The illusion of wood that adds a dimension and elegance to the dining room may be achieved by producing a wood-like grain on the central dining room wall to feel like eating fresh food in the lap of nature.

Smoky Texture Wall Paint Design for Master Bedroom

This painting design creates multiple layers of smoky texture like sky or fog. Its dreaming texture creates a glamor appealing environment in the room.

Metallic Seashell Texture Paint Design for Living Room TV Wall

Painting the TV wall with a metallic seashell texture pattern is a better option as the sea-green paint will help reduce the effects of harmful rays on the eyes while watching TV.

Taana Baana Royale Play Pom Pom Paint Design for Kitchen

This painting design is inspired by the decorative woolen balls attached to the shawl or in the cap worn in cold mountainous areas. Painting the kitchen wall with this texture paint will give a warmer feeling in the kitchen.

Chulbuli Chutki Stencils Paint Design for Kid's Room

Little girls enjoy the company of chulbuli chutki cartoon characters. So color your princess room wall with chulbuli chutki stencils texture paint and give her the wings of imagination to create their own wonderland.

Chhota Bheem Stencil Paint Design for Kids Room

Little boys love Chhota Bheem cartoon characters. So transform their room wall by painting a Chhota Bheem stencil pattern and allow their imagination to live in Dholakpur with their naughty, skillful, and brave superhero.

Dapple Wall Texture Paint Design for Guest Room

Paint the guest room with Dapple Texture Paint Design and make your home guests feel the joy of staying in a serene beach cottage.

Foyer Areas Texture Paint Design

The color wash texture paint creates a dramatic effect on the walls due to the mixed effect of different colors in the design. It is perfect for adding glamour to the foyer area.

Ceiling & Border Stencils Painting

Wall border stencils can be used in many different ways to enhance the beauty of ceilings and wall borders. Such as Victorian border stencils, flower border stencils, and lace border stencils. The stencil border pattern can be used to create a striped pattern on a wall.
Ceiling decorative stencil designs are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. You can choose the ceiling stencil pattern to match your furniture, carpet, and decor items.

Free Hand Wall Paint Art

You can give a customized look to your interior decor by painting freehand art designs on the walls. according to the subject of the room wall's sketch should be done. such as

  • For Play School interior walls, animals and birds, alphabets, fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • For Office walls text quote writing.

  • For Fashion Designing office space modern women.

  • For Living space, nature-inspired sceneries, etc.

Exterior Wall Texture Paint Design

The exterior texture paints from the Berger Paint brand have three textures – Florentina, Solitaire, and Rough N Tough. These texture paints are inspired by nature. Let's see their attractive look on the exterior walls of the house

  • Florentina Paint Design

It creates aesthetic finishes of stylish natural concrete design to the house exterior walls.

  • Solitaire Texture Paint Design

It creates elegant finishes of natural stone and granite like design to the house exterior walls.

  • Ruff N Tuff Texture Paint Design

It creates spike lines and texture finishes tothe house exterior walls.


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