Easy Wall and Ceiling Painting Ideas for Home Transformation

Easy Wall and Ceiling Painting Ideas for Home Transformation

Human beings have been using colors to express their feelings. We can express our feelings through colors without speaking a single word., You must have heard the saying - "Every house says something." behind this saying the magic of colors exists.

Everyone gets to paint their house with any of their favorite colors, but if you want to give language to your feelings through the interior paint of a house, then by using colors based on the use of the room, the house can be made alive. Let's see how this marvel of colors ideas can be
painted on walls and ceilings.

Home Wall And Ceiling Painting Colour Ideas

Living Room Colour Combination

The living room is the place where we feel comfortable sitting and spending some time for creativity-related contemplation.
Therefore the color of the walls and ceiling of the living room should also be different from the traditional colors, for this, the burnt orange color will be right for creating a sense of courage to do something unique and walls can be painted with almond color the contrast of orange color.

Hall Colour Combination

The hall is used to organize feast parties. Therefore, it would be good to choose colors like yellow and off-white/cream color which instill a sense of warmth and positivity. Painting the walls with yellow color and the ceiling in cream/off white color will help to make the hall look more airy and grand.

Colour Combination for Bedroom

These days dark colors of walls and contrast light colors for ceiling are in trend. In this sense, the bedroom walls are emerald green and the ceiling is painted with pearl gray color as these colors lend a luxurious look to the room.

Colour Combination for Dining Room

The atmosphere of the dining room should be calm and soothing so that the food can be enjoyed in a peaceful way. To create such an atmosphere, painting the walls with navy blue color and a ceiling with silky white color can be the right choice.

Colour Combination for Guestroom

Sacred thoughts and feelings must be involved in welcoming the guests. So keeping the color of the guest room walls and ceiling pearl gray and silky white can be one of the ideal choices of colors. where gray color reflects the feeling of grace and white color reflects simplicity and purity.

Colour Combination for Kitchen

The color of the kitchen should give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. For this, a better option can be to opt for a lemon yellow and white color combination. In which lemon yellow color is used to paint the walls and the ceiling can be painted with white color.

Study Room Colour Combination

The color of the study room should be painted in light shades of colors. Keeping this in mind, white and sky blue colors will be most suitable.
To increase the power of imagination, it would be appropriate to keep the color of the ceiling sky blue and the color of the walls white.
The sky blue color would feel like concentrating in the emptiness of the sky, while the white color will help to enhance the light in the room.

Colour Combination for Foyer Area

An entrance or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel, theater, or office, plays an important role in assessing its grandeur.
Therefore, the color of the walls and ceiling of this area should give a sense of grandeur. For this, painting the walls with golden yellow color and the ceiling with a peach color can be one of the right options.

Colour Combination for Office

According to Vastu Shastra, red, purple, and pink colors help in increasing the energy level. Choosing these colors for offices related to financial transactions, the IT sector, and the creative sector can be helpful in increasing the energy level of office workers. So painting the walls with purple color and ceiling with white color may be one of the better color options.


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