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Hiding (Poor)

Hiding (Poor)



It is a situation in which the paint that has been applied over the surface of the wall is not able to cover the background colour and the background becomes partly visible after the paint has been dried up.


Why does this happens?

This hiding problem can occur due to various reasons like:

  • Primer not applied before painting over the wall.
  • Thin paint applied over the wall.
  • The wall was not prepared well and had many pores that soak the paint thus making background visible.
  • Use of poor quality products.

Solution to this problem!

This problem can be solved by various methods like:

  • Apply nice quality primer that covers the background properly.
  • Do not keep the paint too thin that it runs out on the wall.
  • Putty the wall so that you don’t have to face problems like hiding paint.
  • Use supreme products. Remember painting is a long term investment for your home and looks of your home reflects your personality.


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