Rain Protection for Home Paint: Exterior & Interior Tips

Rain Protection for Home Paint: Exterior & Interior Tips

People are very possessive about the things that belong to them. It happens that you got your home painted but due to the rains it all got messed up and a lot of dirt got collected over the paint and also the paint got faded away due to the rains. Also, it may happen that the walls get damaged or bubble over them due to the moisture. It is really very important to take adequate measures to protect your walls and the exterior of your home from the rains that may destroy the outer of your home. So here in this article, we will discuss some of the tips on how you can control these things or rather how can you prevent the walls of your home from the rains.

Choose the exterior paints properly- it matters a lot that what quality of paint are you using to paint the outer of your home as the quality of the paint decides the life of the paint job. If the quality used is cheap then it may happen that heavy rains take off the paint with them thus leading to fading away of the paint. Also, the interior paint quality also should be chosen wisely. Because the paint is prone to moisture then it may lead to blisters or peeling of the paint. Therefore it is recommended that the best quality of paint is selected so as to protect the walls from these problems.

Choose the time wisely- also remember that you do not start off with the paint job in the months of July or August because of the rains in those months. The water content or moisture in the walls remains for a longer time and that is the reason why the painting gets damaged even when it’s painted after the rainy season. Try that you can get it done in the former months of the year. The most preferable months to get your home painted are March- June. These are the idol months due to the summers. It is also because the paints get dried easily in these months. Also, prevent painting your home in the winter season because the moisture level may increase due to the rains and it will take plenty of time to dry up.

Make sure that the cracks are fixed on the roofs or ceilings: this is a very important step if you want to prevent the interior of your home from moisture and the resultant blisters and peeling off paint from the walls. You need to check that the roofs and the ceilings do not have any cracks and holes in them else water seepage may result in blisters all around the wall.

Waterproof paints: once you have checked everything then you need to paint your home. Yes, there are good quality paints that do exist. But if you are staying in some coastal region where there is a lot of rainfall and it happens that the paint gets faded away due to the heavy rains in your area then you can get your house waterproof paint. It is now on the market available for sale. Asian paints and Berger paints have waterproof paints which guard your walls against any unwanted seepage. A high-quality waterproof paint will ensure that the water slips through the exteriors of the house and the water entering through the gaps or cracks will be certainly less.

So these were a few steps that can be followed to prevent your home from the rainy seasons and keeping its look fresh and new.

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