Removing Paint Drops from Car | Easy DIY Tips 2024

Removing Paint Drops from Car | Easy DIY Tips 2024

How to Remove the Paint Stain From Your Car?

Oops! Wait. What have you done? Spilt the paint on your car? Okay so have done something really bad, but here are a few ways by which you can lighten the colour because it’s really difficult to get rid of it easily. So here are discussed a few ideas that may help you get purge out of the paint over your car.

Wash it gently with the car soap. It’s recommended to use the sponge but you should not rub it harshly, as it may lead to damage to the original paint of the car.

You can also try isopropyl alcohol (or non-acetone nail polish remover). Make sure that you make use of the finest and soft cloth on the surface as harsh cloth may lead to the removal of the original paint.

Also, you can try rubbing compound that is available at almost all local stores.

After the process does not forget to re-wax the surface.

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