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Our Recent Interior Painting Project at Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Our Recent Interior Painting Project at Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore


Recently we have done Interior painting work at Prestige Montocarlo Apartment, Yehlanka New Town, along with interior work we have fizz texture work as well. Here is complete description of project work -


Project Cost - 45,000/-

Project Date - 15th July, 2016

Category  - Interior, Metal Paint, Wood Polish, Exterior

Locality : Prestige Monto carlo, Yehlanka New Town,Bangalore

City - Bangalore

Product Used - Asian Paint Royale Play, Royale Luxury, Enamel Paint, Hand Polish.

Work Details -

Completed following work as part of repainting work at luxurious apartment at yehlanka new town, along with complete touchup putty and colour consultancy -  

1.Texture Work - Fizz Metallic texture work on one wall with came out to be really nice. It was small area still we managed to complete it.Texture works are done using Royale Play Metallic paint as top coat and royale luxury as base coat.  




2. Interior Painting - Royale Luxury done on all the walls of the house and tractor emulsion on the ceiling. Royale luxury came out to be very nice as wall condition was very nice, putty was not needed. Standard procedure followed crack filling, 1 coat of primer, 2 coat of paint.







3. Metal Painting - Completed Enamel paint on complete Grills, Windows and Doors of the house.


4. Wood Polish - Completed the hand polish work on few doors of the house.


Along with above work we have done the complete colour consultancy, complete monitoring of the work, cleaning after the work and at the end of work a happy customer.


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