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Spatula : Wall Texture Painting Design

Asian Paints Royale Play  Spatula wall texture painting design for Living Room,Bedroom,Kids Room

Name: Spatula

Product: Asian Paints Royale Play

Best for: Living Room,Bedroom,Kids Room

Price Rate: Rs. 60/sq ft


Spatula Texutue by Asian Paint Royale Play is Very Common Design. This is a dramatic effect that creates classical  surroundings, it transforms a plain wall into having the appearance of a rough, ancient standstone wall. By varying the motion of the spatula, you can create a perfectly random application and an engaging rustic finish.

Our Recent  Spatula Works 

ColourDrive Team has done the Spatula Texture Work at Hima Giri  Meadows Apartment Bangalore, Here is Project Link -



Colours Combinations In which Spatula is available -
1. base coat cambridge 8771 top coat silver M002
2. base coat cambridge 8771 top coat silver M002
3. base coat vivid green 7717, top coat gold M003
4. base coat dry moss 7810, top coat gold M003
4. base coat purple dye 7115, top coat pomegranate M143
5.base coat light sky 7331, top coat ink blue M7246
6.base coat orchard plum 8198, top coat copper M004
7. base coat cream custard 7897, top coat light ochre M7926
8. base coat yellow metal 7920, top coat string of beads M7998
9. base coat daylight 8026, top coat rosy coral M8031
10. base coat delicate doll 7203, top coat cardinal M8206
11. base coat dusk clould 8287, top coat cardinal M8206

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