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Infinitex Fern Wall Texture Painting Design

Royale Play Infinitex Pink Infinitex Fern wall texture painting design for Living Room,Dining Hall,Balcony
*Please call us to check the more colour/shades availability.

Name: Infinitex Fern

Best for: Living Room, Dining Hall, Balcony

Product: Royale Play Infinitex

Category: Royale Play Infinitex

Price Rate:120/SqFt

More About Infinitex Fern Design

Infinitex Fern Wall Design

Renovate the walls with Fern Texture Wall Paint Design to make the bedroom ambience calm and relaxed.

Fern Design is a collection of Asian Paints Royale Play Infinitex Textures. Infinitex Fern gives your walls a fresh breath of Nature. 

Basecoat - Bottled Grape 8102 (Premium Emulsion)

Topcoat - Bottled Grape 8102 (Royale Play Infinitex)

Royale Play Infinitex Category

Royale Play Infinitex is the range of interior wall texture has six special effects ranges like pebbles, breeze, ripple, shale, and crossroad. All of these effects would make you feel nature's lap ambiance.

Its water-based soluble property makes it ideal for painting interior walls. Due to these features, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless. It covers 8-10 sq. ft wall's surface in approximately one-liter paint. It is available in a 1,5,20 kg bucket container for use within one year from the date of manufacturing shelf life. It is not suitable for painting on dampness and seepage wall surfaces. This paint needs almost three coats to create special effects on walls. after the first coating leave the surface to dry at least 2-4 hours, then after the second coat again leave it to dry for 2-4 hours thereafter final coat/topcoat leaves the surface for drying 8-10 hours.

Book Infinitex Fern Paint Design For Your Walls

Chargeable Area : 100 SqFt
Price ₹ : 12000 /-

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