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Delta Wall Texture Painting Design

Asian Paints Royale Play Green Delta wall texture painting design for Living Room,Study Room,Kids Room,Pooja Room
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Name: Delta

Best for: Living Room, Study Room, Kids Room, Pooja Room

Product: Asian Paints Royale Play

Category: Royale Play Metallic

Price Rate:70/SqFt

More About Delta Design

Delta Wall Paint Design

Like the flow of a river allure your living room with the calmness of nature with this layered texture.
1. Paint the walls with a light olive green base color.
2. Add a hint of metallic gold to the walls in a vertical stripe to give it a touch of glam.
3. Use a sponge to apply a stippled texture to the walls in shades of brown and tan.
4. Use a textured roller to create a faux-stucco effect to the walls in shades of light yellow and soft pink.
5. Hang a large, abstract canvas painting in the center of the wall, in shades of blue and green.
6. Install a white ceiling medallion and hang a large, crystal chandelier in the center of it.
7. Use a metallic, silver paint to stencil a decorative border at the top of the walls.

Base Coat:- Garden Frolic


Book Delta Paint Design For Your Walls

Chargeable Area : 100 SqFt
Price ₹ : 7000 /-

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