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Repainting Old Furniture.

Repainting Old Furniture.

Repainting Old Furniture.


There is always a piece of antique furniture in our home that we have might brought from a fate or so. And yes! they can be very well renovated with the help of bright colours etc.

One can repaint the old furniture so as to make it a piece of eye catcher for anyone who visits your home.

You need to keep the following things in your mind when you are going to repaint your old furniture:

  • You should make up the surface of the furniture in such a way that it becomes very easy for you to paint it and also that the paint is not done over the dust particles because in that case the paint will form bubbles and the paint will not be smooth.

  • Use liquid wood stripper to fill cracks: To develop shinning onto your furniture you will have to polish it in varnishes, French polish, paint etc. Use liquid wood stripper when the furniture is already painted. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions and keep those instructions in mind. Be aware while using stripper because it includes many contaminated chemicals, which can be harmful while breathing or touching. Apart from that, various methods are available in market for protection.

  • Take up a sandpaper, 80 or 100 grit sandpaper would work .You can also take up an orbital sander. All you need to do is to remove the old paint and stains from the old furniture. Once the main portion of the colour and stains have been removed you can switch to a higher grit sandpaper so as to smoothen the surface. Once you are done with sanding you need to wipe away the dust so that it does not interrupt you while priming and painting.

  • Priming is an important step that you cannot skip if you are looking to have a good wood painting ahead. Priming means coving your already sand furniture with a thin layer that looks like paint. Make sure that your furniture does not carry any dust particles or residuals left after sanding. You can prefer a spray primer as it gives very smooth and neater coats. Several thin layers of primers have to be applied so that your furniture gets an even layer of primer.

  • Initially use superior brushes and good quality paint for the work.  Use two inches wide painting brush for painting the furniture for large as well as flat surface. You can use half-inch brush for beautiful woodwork if your furniture has cracks, crevices. Apply long lasting paint. The choice of paint and its color purely depends on you. Moreover, if you want original look of the piece, you can paint it with same color. While applying the paint keep in mind its type. Enamel paint gives you a long lasting effect and lustrous finish.




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