Bangalore Painting Cost: Per Square Foot Price Guide 2024

Bangalore Painting Cost: Per Square Foot Price Guide 2024

Painting Cost Per Square Foot in Bangalore

Home painting cost per sq ft depends on various factors like labor charges, size of the house, paintable area as per the height of walls, re-paint or fresh paint, exterior or interior painting, type of paint and single paint color or multiple paint colors used per room.
Painting costs less than new painting as the process requires little or no primer and putty depending on the condition of the walls.
Furthermore, using one color in a painting project does not result in paint wastage, while using more than one color may result in paint wastage due to the non-use of paint. This will also affect the cost of painting.
Let us see the approximate Painting per square feet rates in Bangalore in terms of paintable area:
Paintable Area
Cost of painting (including labour charges) per sq ft
Fresh Painting ₹ 24 to ₹ 40
₹ 14 to ₹ 34
Exterior Painting ₹9 to₹ 35
Interior Painting
₹ 6 to ₹ 26
Floor Painting
₹ 18 to ₹ 22
Tile Painting ₹ 20 to ₹ 24
Paint touchups
₹ 8 to ₹ 28

Painting per square feet rates in Bangalore in terms of quality of paint type chosen for painting

Paint Type
Cost of painting (including labour charges) per sq ft
Distemper ₹ 8
Emulsion ₹ 6 to ₹ 26
Texture ₹ 70 to ₹ 250
Enamel ₹ 14
Luster ₹ 26 to 30
  • How to calculate material cost for painting?

Material cost for painting can be calculated as follows:
  1. First measure the length and breadth of all the walls to be painted in sq ft.
  2. Then multiply the total length and breadth of paintable walls to get the total area.
  3. It is to be noted that a specific type of wall paint covers a certain amount of wall areas.
  4. Now consider a liter of selected paint covering 140 sq ft wall surface area.
  5. Then divide the total paintable wall area into 140 sq ft to get the required paint.
  6. Thereafter multiply the total amount of paint by 1 gallon of preferred paint cost to get the material cost for painting. or
You can use the formula for calculating a material cost for painting given below:
Materials cost = market price per unit x total number of units. Manufacturing overhead = fixed overhead + (variable manufacturing overhead x a total number of units).

What is the painting cost in terms of Labour and Material cost, and Only Material cost)?

  • Painting cost in terms of Labour cost

Generally, the painting cost in terms of labour cost is almost 3/2 times of the material cost. For example, the painting cost of 2 BHK apartments is ₹ 10,000. Then the painting labour cost is (3/2*10,000) = ₹ 15,000
  • Painting cost in terms of Material cost

First figure out the amount of paint needed to cover each wall surface. Then break it down by the quality of paint needed for each wall surface. Then multiply the total amount of paint by the price of the paint. Now add all the sums together for finding out the painting cost of the material.
  • Painting cost in terms of Labour and Material cost

The material cost is mainly the cost of the products included in a wall painting that as putty, primer, and top coat paint cost.
The labour cost is how much a contractor charges to paint a house on a daily basis or on completing the whole painting work.
Generally, overall painting cost is calculated on a per sq ft basis including labour and material cost.
  • What is the per square feet rate concept (Labour and Material Both)?

The per square foot rate concept including labour + material is the (cost of the market value of a house)divided by the (square footage of the house).
  • How do Labour cost and Material Cost affect per square feet painting rates?

The overall painting cost of the house is calculated including Labour + Material cost divided by the per square footage of the house.
However, average painting rates will affect per square foot rates depending on the size of the house and type of paint, the coverage area per square foot of selected paint, single colour paint scheme, or choose a different colour scheme for each room, interior or exterior painting work.
  • How to calculate the Labour Cost for painting in Bangalore?

The average painting labour cost per day in Bangalore ranges between ₹ 8 - ₹ 50 per square foot and it is calculated on an hourly basis. Calculating labour cost for painting in Bangalore includes the cost of hiring professional painters + the cost of painting tools and materials + cost of labour charges.
  • What are the major factors affecting painting costs in Bangalore?

The major factors affecting painting cost in Bangalore are as follows:
Size of the house
Larger house size means more paint consumption, so the cost of the painting project will increase.
Labour Cost
Hiring experienced and professional home painters increases the painting cost.
Type of Paint
The cost of labour charges varies per square foot of paint coverage area and paint type. Similarly, the labour charges for using distemper paint for the project are low and texture painting for the walls labour charges are high.
  • Why should we calculate the painting cost before painting?

To solve some basic problems, one should calculate the cost of painting before starting the house painting work like –
  1. To avoid misunderstanding between owner and paint contractor in terms of payment.
  2. Finding out the paint coverage area per square foot of the selected paint and cost price of the paint.
  3. To estimate the painting project budget.
  4. To estimate the comparison of painting charges of different professional painters.

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