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Our Recent Project Work at Horamavu, Bangalore

Our Recent Project Work at Horamavu, Bangalore


We have recently completed following full fledged project which includes complete interior, exterior, texture, metal paint, etc, as described below.


Project Cost - 75,000/-


Project Start Date - 10th July, 2016, Completion Date - 25th July, 2016.

Category  - Interior, Metal Paint, Wood Polish, Exterior, Polish Work

Locality : Horamavu Main Road, Bangalore

City - Bangalore, Karnataka.

Product Used - Asian Paint Premium Emulsion, Tractor Emulsion, Apex Ultima, Ace Emulsion, Enamel Paint, Hand Polish, Asian Paint Royale Play.

Work Details -

Duplex independent house located at Horamavu, where we have completed the following work


Here goes a condition of house before starting the work -


Before Painting Work





1. Texture Work - Ragging Metallic texture work on one wall with base coat dusky saffrin and gold as top.

                                                                         Ragging Texture Base Coat


Ragging finalFinish


2. Exterior Painting - We have completed two floor complete exterior work, Apex ultima on the front side, ace

emulsion on the rest of the walls along with crack filling and 1 coat of primer.



2. Interior Painting - completed interior work 2 coat of tractor emulsion o ceilings and 2 coat of premium Emulsion on walls of rest of the house along with crack filling and 1 coat of primer.



3. Metal Painting - Completed Enamel paint on complete Grills, Windows and Doors of the house.





4. Wood Polish - Completed the hand polish work on few doors of the house.


Finally A  New Look,


Along with above work we have done the complete colour consultancy, complete monitoring of the work, cleaning after the work and at the end of work a happy customer.

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