Horamavu, Bangalore: Showcasing Our Recent Project Work

Horamavu, Bangalore: Showcasing Our Recent Project Work

We have recently completed the following full-fledged project which includes complete interior, exterior, texture, metal paint, etc, as described below.


Project Cost - 75,000/-


Project Start Date - 10th July 2016, Completion Date - 25th July 2016.

Category  - Interior, Metal Paint, Wood Polish, Exterior, Polish Work

Locality: Horamavu Main Road, Bangalore

City - Bangalore, Karnataka.

Product Used - Asian Paint Premium Emulsion, Tractor Emulsion, Apex Ultima, Ace Emulsion, Enamel Paint, Hand Polish, Asian Paint Royale Play.

Work Details -

Duplex independent house located at Horamavu, where we have completed the following work


Here goes a condition of the house before starting the work -


Before Painting Work





1. Texture Work - Ragging Metallic texture work on one wall with base coat dusky saffron and gold as a top.

                                                                         Ragging Texture Base Coat


Ragging finalFinish


2. Exterior Painting - We have completed two-floor complete exterior work, Apex ultima on the front side, ace

emulsion on the rest of the walls along with crack filling and 1 coat of primer.



2. Interior Painting - completed interior work 2 coats of tractor emulsion o ceilings and 2 coats of premium Emulsion on walls of rest of the house along with crack filling and 1 coat of primer.



3. Metal Painting - Completed Enamel paint on complete Grills, Windows and Doors of the house.





4. Wood Polish - Completed the hand polish work on few doors of the house.


Finally A  New Look,


Along with the above work, we have done the complete colour consultancy, complete monitoring of the work, cleaning after the work and at the end of work a happy customer.

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